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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Kroger's website is a blog

He's even submitting a few posts to it over his own name. Plus, embedded video!

Smart guy.

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John's promise...

“As an experienced prosecutor, I am ready to represent you and your family. If anyone threatens the rights of Oregonians, I won’t send a deputy to argue the case – I will go to court myself.”


He's trying to draw a distinction between himself and his primary opponent, who hasn't seen the inside of a courtroom too often.

That may be true Jack, but looks like Greg just won a fairly big case at the Court of Appeals recently:


You would probably know better than I if that is a fluke or not.

That's a nice win for Greg, although I'm not sure how major a decision it is. Also, the facts were stipulated, and so there probably wasn't much of a trial in county circuit court.

Greg's not a trial lawyer; John is. Greg's a pension lawyer; John is not.

On the fine points of PERS, you want AG Macpherson. On nailing some sleazebag who's taking bribes in the corrections department, you want AG Kroger. Maybe we'll have to choose a candidate on those grounds.

Oops, I guess I shouldn't say "we"; I cancelled my membership in the Democratic Party a while back.

While that's fine if he wants to run as a trial lawyer, that "promise" is the epitome of just telling voters what they want to hear. Do you really think he is going to ever set foot in a courtroom as AG in a meaningful way?

It's fine to run on your experience, but Attorneys General aren't supposed to be trial lawyers.

I'm glad to see a An Attorney General with balls. This Milquetoast we have had is not the kind we want again. I think John Kroger can be trusted to do as he says. Great Credentials...even if he is a greenie. He's got our votes.

Steve asks: "Do you really think he is going to ever set foot in a courtroom as AG in a meaningful way?"

Answer: Yes. I have heard John talk about his trial experiences a number of times, in class and in other settings. He loves being in the courtroom and I wouldn't want to oppose him there.

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