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Saturday, October 6, 2007

I'm usually the last to see stuff like this

This one's been running around the internet for a while, I suspect. Make up your own caption:

And if you know who's to credit for the image, please let us know that, too.

Comments (16)

"Here, let me move you just a little closer to the camera, Hillary"

Get on the right track Hillary and let me hit the third rail.

The person who sent this to me suggested: Giuliani's push for a greater America.

Posts like this just reinforce the fact that you are a hateful, bitter old crank whose only purpose is to promote negativity.

Who, Jeremy! Go back to bed and try getting up on the right side. Though Mr. Bog and I rarely agree on matters of national politics (he supports the Breck Girl, whom I can't envision as a leader), we share one thing in common - unlike you. Ya see, Jer, there's this thing that a lot of folks have, and it's called a sense of humor. You should try it; it'll make ya a better person. Honest.

Geez Jeremy who peed in your cheerios? Ever look at a political cartoon? " A hateful, bitter old crank" is actually rather funny too!

Why do I get the imprssion you could be the poster child for the irrationally optimistic Portlanders who re-elect the same dysfunctional clones over and over again.

I sense, perhaps, some sarcasm in Jeremy's post.

Be that as it may, say goodbye to Jeremy.

I sense, perhaps, some strong Sam Adams support in Jeremy's post.

you are a hateful, bitter old crank whose only purpose is to promote negativity.

i agree, Giuliani is totally unelectable.

And it is the Breck Girl driving the train!

"Take your hand out of the puppet slit in my jacket."

Yes, hate the Breck Girl. Because the Breck Girl would win easily.

the Breck Girl would win easily.

I dunno, the polls are not loving him.


Whoever runs on the D side is going to win easily. 'Unopposed.' So set the Wayforward Machine on unorthodox, business-as-UNusual -- Cindy Sheehan is the new Hillary Clinton, Eliot Spitzer is the new Bill Clinton, Novick is the new Wyden, etc. -- and kick out the jams, m'f-ers, we got some Nuremberg Trialing to run through on our way to Futureworld.

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