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Saturday, October 27, 2007

How the Whole Foods-Wild Oats deal hurts small organic suppliers

Big is not beautiful to this commentator.

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Interesting. Maybe, then, the anti-trust inquiry is not entirely political?

I keep telling ya- if you cannot grow your own- buy local, buy local.
Support your Farmers Market,CSA's, co-ops and locally owned grocery stores.
Otherwise you won't be in any kind of control as to WHERE your food comes from or how much it costs.

I am a small vendor to Whole Foods in Northern California. These people really call the shots (i.e. free goods or you're out). They are our largest retail account but we are one of their smallest vendors. Although our products are in demand (public loves our stuff) we are still an 'O' (optional) vendor. They have to much control and that is never a good thing under any circumstances. The new store is Oakland must be over 65,000 sq. ft. Good Lord...when you enter the store there are arrow signs pointing to departments. It reminds me of an Ikea. They're opening super stores (3 in 3 months) in Nor Cal. The smaller mom & pops are trying to keep up but of course it's difficult. While I appreciate their business I wish there was some real competition to keep em honest. It's never good to put all your organic eggs in one hemp basket.

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