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Friday, October 26, 2007

Holiday shopping time is almost here

What to buy for those radio hosts who have everything?

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A reader writes:

Apparently register.com does a business in selling "premium" web addresses. I wonder how they price them - why does it cost more to get a "hindisucks" website than a "koshersucks" one? Also, why does it cost more to get "petersucks" than "marksucks?"

I don't know, it just struck me as amusing (and a little off-putting since some of register.com's business apparently is based on religious or ethnic intolerance).

What is interesting is that it appears that "samadamssucks.COM is not available.

I wonder who has that?

WHOIS is your friend.

samadamssucks.com is owned by
The Boston Beer Company
75 Arlington Street, 5th floor
Boston, MA 02116

Whois is a great resource.

Boston Beer pre empted a possible critical wedsite.


LARSLARSONSUCKS.COM is also available.

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