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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Have the Russians really left Bushehr?

That's the site of the Iranian nuclear reactor that the Russians are helping to complete. If the entire Russian nuclear crew has abruptly flown back to their home country, it could mean any of a number of things, but some of them are frightening indeed. On the other hand, the source of the story about their departure is not necessarily reliable.

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FreeRepublic citing Debka is like your gossiping aunt Mabel citing the crazy guy at the bus station who mumbles about black helicopters.

Same old Russia. What I've read is Russia is offering to back away from Iran inexchange for the U.S lessening its role in central Asia. All pretty imperialistic but nothing really new for the U.S. Russia's playing Iran, too, not wanting ever to really complete the plant.

That nuclear plant has been under construction for the last 30 years, it'll probably take another 30 to finish it.

Especially after Bush has the Israelis bomb it.

They ain't gonna bomb Iran.

I am about as sure saying that as I was saying, in advance, there are no WMDs in Iraq. Which is fairly mostly 'sure,' but in hindsight, I wish I'd have known to be 'surer.'

The main logic to conclude they ain't gonna bomb Iran, is that it is more useful to 'their' ends to have the 'threat' saber to rattle everyone's nerves talking about whether or not they are insane and bent on bombing Iran, than it is useful to bomb away, clear that distraction off the table, and have everyone turn our attention full-on how insane, in fact, they are. IMPEACH Cheney and Bush NOW !

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