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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Everybody loves a chimp

Brandon over at Welcome to Blog collects some glowing European tributes to the Uniter/Decider.

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I haven't been overseas since May, 2001. For the first time in my lifetime, and I've been a few places away from this country, I am ashamed of my government and deeply ashamed of this president. Italian and Irish by descent, I even tried to get a dual passport.

As the daughter of a WWII decorated veteran of the Battle of the Bulge, that's a hard thing to say.

My dad, by the way, agrees that this is a dangerous regime we're living under in this United States. He can't be the only WWII veteran who sees this as folly.

We will save France again in 15 years,trust me. And they will still hate us.

Don't forget the French helped us early on: "The Siege of Yorktown in 1781 was a decisive victory by a combined assault of French forces led by General Comte de Rochambeau and American forces led by General George Washington, over a British Army commanded by General Lord Cornwallis. The surrender of Cornwallis's army caused the British government to eventually negotiate an end to the American Revolutionary War."
Plus they later gave us the Statue of Liberty.

..and don't forget French Fries.

Their new President (Prime Minister? King? Emperor?) kinda likes us, no? Or at least more so than Jacques ever did.

Aren't hate messages from the French an indication of what we're doing right?

Aren't hate messages from the French an indication of what we're doing right?

No. Or, maybe, non.

Brandon says that we are hated by 72% of the Europeans he met. But I've traveled in France several times in the last few years and found the people wonderfully hospitable. Sure they hate Bush and the policies of the American government, or at least many of them do, but I have never - NEVER - felt personally hated by a single European because of my nationality. Nor have I felt myself the object of hostility. So actually when Brandon describes encountering prejudice on account of his nationality, I think it is an unfair slur on the Europeans.

Flog 'Welcome to Blog' for saying 'a faraway place called Portland is not complicit in USA war crimes.' Welcome to Blog should not expect welcome, or service in Europe, and should consider it a lucky thing to go and come back, without being tried and imprisoned for war crime support.

Just like all of us. We are the ones who hire and pay the mass murderers, genocidal sociopaths, humankind haters, and war criminal militarists -- with our tax dollars. USA's leaders, such as Kissinger, Bush, Cheney, and then some, are to be arrested on sight if they step foot on European soil.

Welcome to Blog needs to wake up and help clean up our own backyard -- Meet Your Local Nazis ... say, isn't that LIARS Larson in the photo behind the nazi flag, back row, far right?

Here's another one, not quite in my neighborhood, and I'm not a member of the group the nazis are targetting, so, hey, why should I speak up about seeing Anti-semetic Graffiti on Alberta

Well, it's obvious the Welcome to Blog blogger didn't go prepared. He/she needs to get on CafePress and find themselves the genuine "American Traveller International Apology Shirt".

On the front is says "American Traveller International Apology Shirt" in the six official languages of the U.N.

On the back, in the same six official U.N. languages, it says "I'm sorry my president is an idiot. I did not vote for him". Things would have gone much better.

For my part, I was in Moscow in 2003 and having been warned by professional guides not to use the licensed taxis, I waved down a local with an open hand extended into the roadway (like hitch-hiking). When somebody pulled over, I showed them the address where I wanted to go (and had a handy map, just in case) and said "rubles?" This is the recommended alternative to Moscow taxis. Locals, hoping to make some money to defray their petrol costs, will pick up such folks. (The regular taxis will drive you all over Moscow to get you to your destination at six to ten times what it should cost...part of the Russian mafia.) Anyway, a friendly gent pulled over and we negotiated a 4 ruble ride to my destination. His first question was, "American?"

I responded with "Yes."

He smiled, slightly. He knew a fair amount of English and was eager to use it to grill me on the then upcoming elections. Who did I support? Bush? "No!" came my emphatic answer.

He smiled broadly and shouted "Kerry!?"

I responded with, "Yeah, I suppose, but I'm not happy about it."

He came back with, "Ya, I knows. Same here. But Kerry much better than Bush? Yes?"

"Yes," I responded.

We arrived at my destination and I got out and started fishing for my money. He smiled broadly, handed me my backpack, waved me off and shouted, "Tank you, no rubles! Keep rubles. Vote Kerry!"

Friendly peo

Arne: I only felt hated by 72% of people I encountered working in the service industry. Everyone else, for the most part, including a lovely British couple I shared a train carriage with and talked to for hours, were downright decent, with the exception of two UK expats that made fun of my traveling partner and I in a Munich subway.

Tenskwatawa: I'm complicit in war crimes because my taxes go to fund the sins of the Bush administration? News to me. So I guess this means I'll see you at Nuremburg in a few years. I totally call top bunk if we have to share a cell! In the interim, I'll take your advice and use my vast wealth, numerous contacts within the upper ranks of the US government and enormous political influence to magically clean up this country...if you agree to do the same. Cheers!

One simple way: reorganize your affairs off the dollar. Use information for currency.

Let's get a beer, I can show you what I mean.

The wages of dollars is war crimes.

I think the best information there was the possibility of a Goonies 2 sequel!

Thanks for the invite, T, but I don't drink beer. It's an opiate of the masses specially brewed by The Man to keep us all fat, distracted, in wife-beaters, addicted to professional sports, subdued, too busy returning cans to Fred Meyers to protest anything, etc. Viva la revolucion! Against beer! Ban the can! Punt the pint! Bop the hops! Kick the keg!

T -

If you use information for currency, how can you afford a beer? Or a Jolly Rancher from the penny bin for that matter?

I get to keep all the crops I can grow, when I know the right farmer. Of course, I have to help him grow his crops, too.

I get to tan the hides of all the deer and elk I can snare, and loom the fibers of all the shearing, and bolls, and flax I find, when I know the right warden and shepherd and meadow.

I get to fell and mill all the timber I need, when I know the right forester.

Food, clothing, shelter ... uh, what's a "Jolly Roger"? Wanna see a copy of my new book? Our band is playing down at the tavern tonight, we can get together there. Whatcha got to trade?

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