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Monday, October 15, 2007

Reader poll: New name for an east sider?

Given all the commandments he's been bringing down from Mount Scott, we've been thinking about changing Fireman Randy's blog nickname to Moses. This would be in keeping with our recent change of Opie's name to Richie Rich. Do you think it's a good idea?

Should we officially switch Randy Leonard's nickname on this blog from "Fireman Randy" to "Moses"?
Keep "Fireman Randy"
Switch to "Moses"
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Comments (8)

I think we should not forget (let alone misapprehend) where Randy is coming from.

Can we also vote to bring "Opie" back?

Supreme Godhead or "Father Randy" as in Father Knows Best.


I wasn't clear. It was meant to say that we should keep in mind that his background is the Fire Department, not the Mountain or the Burning Bush or even the bullrushes.

"Moses" is a good "handle" for Commissioner Leonard. I like the
burning bush reference, too. Fireman Randy putting out the burning bush, etc.

I'm still partial to "Opie", though, despite his newfound Southwetst land baron status, though. Sten just doesn't make it as "Richie Rich" for me.

In a lot of ways, Saltzman is a true "Richie Rich".

I'm gonna' miss "Grampy".

I just simply wish that someone with a brain from the east side would run against Fireboy Randy.

I like Opie better than richie rich. But I don't like either of the two nicknames for Leonard. I would prefer something like "Putin." Fireman and Moses glorify someone who's policies better suit someone running a Politburo rather than the freedom loving city I would like Portland to be. Then too, Charleston Heston's Moses was a humble like character. Don't see this in Commissioner Leonard. I abstain from the above vote.

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