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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Brew-ha-ha foaming over

The Sam Adams beer-vs.-politician trademark battle and accompanying consumer boycott have gone viral. Word is out that it's been farked, and national media outlets are on the story. We'll see how the bullies in Boston like the attention they're getting. Meanwhile, the good guys themselves go on the air momentarily to 'splain the latest doings...

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They should complain.

Samuel Adams Boston Lager? Most of it is not even made in Boston. Hell, it wasn't even developed in Boston...it's originally from Pittsburgh.

From the Wiki site on Boston Brewing (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samuel_Adams_%28beer%29#History_of_the_brand), there's a history, which, in part, states,

"The brand was first produced under contract by the Pittsburgh Brewing Company, best known for their Iron City brand of beer. Over the years, the brand has been produced under contract at various brewing facilities with excess capacity, ranging from Stroh breweries, Portland's original Blitz-Weinhard brewery (shuttered in 1999), Cincinnati's Hudepohl-Schoenling brewery (eventually purchased by the Boston Beer Company in early 1997), and industry giant SABMiller. Today, more than 60% of its beer is produced at its very own, newly renovated, Cincinnati brewery. One-third of Samuel Adams beer is still produced under contract at breweries in Rochester, NY and Eden, NC. The company claims to bring its own employees, ingredients and brewing processes to these contract sites. The Boston Beer Company also has a small R&D brewery located in Boston (Jamaica Plain), Massachusetts, where public tours and beer tastings are offered."

Samuel Adams Boston Lager is a fraud. It's from Pittsburgh and Cincinnati and it's named after a west coast politician.

There are two things I find a bit interesting about the way Mark and Dave of KEX fame have been fanning the flames on this.

First of all, while M&D are primarily entertainers, they do periodically behave like journalists and interview newsmakers. KEX even uses their reporting sometimes in newscasts. So, why would a news organization (or its on-air personalities) buy website domain names for a political candidate? So much for objectivity.

The other thing is that Mark and Dave have been been touting themselves as "the little guy" in a battle against a big, publicly owned brewing company. Yet, KEX is owned by publicly traded Clear Channel Communications, which reported second quarter revenues of $836.7 million this year. Compare that to Boston Beer Co., owner of the Samuel Adams beer brand, which reported second quarter net revenue of $92.9 million.

So, who is the "little guy" here?

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