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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Blazers win!

Just a pre-season game against the Clippers, but better than a loss, for sure. Some good photos here, including this one of Channing Frye, who with a good game looks like he has a future in Portland after all. He's wearing Brian Grant's old number -- thus starting off on the right foot in my book.

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I went to the game last night on some tickets that my firm has. No one else that was around the office at 5pm wanted them, so my coworker and I each took two. With Oden out for the season, it will be easier than predicted to get those tickets a few more times this year.

Nice seats. Row H in Section A behind the visitor's bench.

I got there during the 2nd quarter and it took a few minutes for me to get my bearings since it seems too early for NBA basketball. All kinds of flashing lights, loud music and the T&A of the Blazer Dancers. Yes.

It was a close game until the second half, when the Blazer started to show some good hustle and ball movement and began to pull away. I noticed a long series of 3 point attempts. They made a lot of them, which is a crowd pleaser, but launching threes is no replacement for good ball movement and control.

I was bummed to see Greg Oden wearing a dark suit and sitting kind of forlornly on the bench. He was watching intently as what was meant to be the first game of the rest of his life unfolded in front of him.

I looked but did not see Brandon Roy. I don't think he was there, but my vision is not what it used to be. Maybe someone else saw him or can comment on why he wasn't present, if indeed he was not in the Rose Garden with the team.

Oops. I forgot to mention:


He's wearing Brian Grant's old number -- thus starting off on the right foot in my book.

The right foot for what?? For him to take a huge paycheck somewhere and goad us into overpaying the next Shawn Kemp??

I'm still bitter.

Actually, I see a photo in today's Oregonian that clearly shows Brandon Roy at the game sitting with Darius Miles (hiss) and Greg Oden. My bad.

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