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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Back to torture

The vicious people who run our national government are back to their old tricks. God forgive our shameful country.

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It seems from what I read that Bubba also favors torture as is on " 24 " the TV series.
All these fine christian politicol's upholding brutalization is another mark of hypocrisy by our government.

At least there are a few people who haven't lost their way on this disheartening subject. This one's even a former member of what was then the republican party.

Jack, it is not the country that is shameful, or that should be ashamed. it is the administration, and those who elected it. I didn't. And I am proud of this country and have confidence we will ride this out, though damaged, hopefully not irrepairably so.

it is not the country that is shameful, or that should be ashamed.

Sure. Just a few bad apples.

Simon, I wish I could agree with you. I'd be a happier man.

But no. This shame is ours. It is shared by - at least - every citizen of voting age in 2004. Yes, even by those of us who voted and spoke against this administration and its torture policies. Every one of your co-workers, every one of your fellow students or teachers, your mother, your spouse, all of us should be ashamed.

Because this government will not be fixed while we tell ourselves that it's some other guy that's screwing things up. This is supposed to be a government by, for, and of the people yet we are eager to disclaim it at every turn, or to duck our moral responsibility for its actions and inactions. To fix it, we must remember that this government is ours, we must believe that we own it lock stock and barrel, and we must act accordingly.

This land is our land, and so also this shame is our shame.


No tasering? Sissies. Gonzales was an idiot....he should have just rendered terrorists to Egypt and Saudi Arabia for 'questioning' like W's predecessor did.

The fact that the American public allows the people who formulate this official American policy to remain in office is the shame of every breathing U.S. citizen.

I disagree. We have elections, not coup d'etats. Yes, the election was stolen. And yes, the Supreme Court appears to me anyway, to have been complicit. But short of Congress having the juevos to impeach, we are stuck. Marching in the street? Fine. protesting? Fine. But violence for change? No. I will not endorse that.

And I am not sure there is never a place for torture. The tired example is if torture of one or ten or twenty people would have stopped 9/11, I'd have been fine with it.

The problem is torture would not have stopped 9/11.

And yes, I do in fact reserve the right to be a hypocrite.

We are fortunate that this country and our institutions are strong enough to ride things like this Fourth Reich out. I hope.

I was referring to impeachment in my comment. What should happen is the public the sense to force the impeachment issue on congress--our President and VP should be impeached, hands down. How we force that issue??

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