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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Whole Foods: negative free cash flow

Moody's yesterday followed Standard & Poor's on this: Whole Foods' debt is now officially in junk bond territory. And the Wild Oats deal is the cause: that transaction, Moody's says, "significantly increases leverage while placing further stain on the company's [Whole Foods'] already negative free cash flow." (Maybe that was a typographical error, and they meant "strain"? Either way, not good.)

Sounds like Bush, but actually it's a different dude from Texas running this particular high-priced show.

Meanwhile, one of the former Wild Oats honchos has wasted no time landing a new gig with OfficeMax.

Comments (2)

Do their buildings meet the Food-4-Less standards?

That could be good news. Locally I would rather see them replaced by more New Seasons, Zupan's and Market of Choice stores.

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