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Monday, September 24, 2007

Think I'll Pass

Here's a great service. Not only will they tap your phone calls, but they'll also push ads at you based on what you're talking about. Several aspects of the greatness of our era rolled into one.

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Jack, did you notice the link on that same page on the corporate takeover and profiteering of nursing homes, and creating a web of companies, so no one can be held accountable for neglecting the old folks.

The way it described the "consulting fees" and twisted layered money laundering, it seems like the Enron accountants are alive and well using the techniques they developed in that well run corporation.

The end is near!

The company is offering the technology to cellphone carriers to allow their customers to enjoy free calls in exchange for simultaneously watching contextually relevant ads on their screens

In addition to the legal and ethical issues, they're not too well versed on human anatomy.

Google scans my email account? Now I know why I am getting those adds for erectile disfunction every time my girlfriend calls.

Greg C

Where were you online? Advertisers know, By Michele Gershberg, Wed Jun 20, 2007

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Personal identity has taken on a new meaning in the digital age, where basic facts like your name, address or age are far less important to some people than the collected records of what you were looking at online.

Technologies for monitoring and interpreting Internet habits as a predictor of future behavior cropped up at the start of this century, but only now are gaining momentum as the newest gold mine for Web sites and their advertisers.

Known as behavioral targeting, the premise is to follow the sites you visit and build a picture of what products may interest you, then deliver related advertising in time for you to choose your purchase.

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