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Friday, September 7, 2007

When he's not playing online games at work...

... this Multnomah County corrections officer is busy posting about how he gets his rocks off beating and tasering people. Nice.

Line of the week: “We had a hosedragger lay a monkeystomping on some cat on camera and nobody said anything.”

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Gives new meaning to the pharse 'Smoke em, don't choke em!'
And the finest cops money can buy.
Talk about a great job being a Portland cop, they make more in graft than in salary.
Richard Tracy

MCDC might be the most notorious jail on the west coast. It's half insane asylum/half jail. Crazy inmates scream all day and night. Hard drugs are readily available. Seems like everyone has some rash or disease. Nobody has control over the poorly-paid guards who resent working there - certainly not the sheriff. Some guards organize into gangs and give inmates body cavity searches as punishment. It's a bad scene. Don't get in trouble in Portland!

I hope that the standards body the John Minnis heads up looks real hard at if this person is really qualified to do this kinda work. BTW, what's up with Bernie's review? Aren't they looking into his moral fitness to hold office?

And I also hope that this guy's boss gets called on the carpet for lack of supervisory oversite. That is the other part of this story that is so disturbing, the "ho hum" attitude that it is the right of public employees to surf the 'net during working hours. This guy is almost as boastful about his internet playing as torridjoe is about his inet blogging.

Maybe the public employee job description should say: The best benefit package in the nation (PERS) and free web surfing all day long!

Nobody has control over the poorly-paid guards who resent working there - certainly not the sheriff.

Time to press good old Hollywood John Bunnell back into service.
He has a eye for trouble spots as well as a eye for hookers.
Richard Tracy

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