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Sunday, September 9, 2007

How to start getting out of Iraq

Here's an interesting piece that suggests that the only sensible way out of Iraq would be to admit American failure and ask for help and cooperation from many other nations in stabilizing the country to the degree possible:

Toby Dodge admitted that anyone arguing against immediate withdrawal has to face the “killer question: Why should American troops continue to die when the chances for success are so low?” He offered his answer “with an honest recognition that it doesn’t sound very plausible.” Dodge’s approach would bring the maximum pressure to bear on Iraqi politicians by persuading the region and the world — Iraq’s neighbors, the European Union, the United Nations — to come into the Green Zone, not as tools of American policy but as equal partners in an effort to force a political deal, not unlike the U.N.’s role in creating a government in Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban. This would imply an American confession of failure. Instead of pursuing more ambitious goals for democracy in the region, the U.S. would offer security guarantees to Iran and Syria in exchange for coöperation. “We then turn to the Iraqi government,” Dodge went on, “and say, ‘You’ve got to reform your government, make it more inclusive, less corrupt, more coherent, less sectarian.’ So the Iraqi government is reconstituted within a multilateral framework where the E.U., the U.N., and the U.S. are all singing from the same hymnbook.”
Or we can just keep surging, kill tens of thousands more, burn more billions of dollars, and show everybody how mule-headed we are. Gee, which course do you think Cheney and the Chimp will pursue?

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Indeed. Want to read something depressing? Go here: www.tinyrevolution.com and read this entry:

September 05, 2007
Democrats And The Iron Law Of Institutions

What is it about winning that's so distressing to you guys>

A political solution requires establishing national unity. What could all the factions in Iraq unite against? Our Country came together against British occupation and taxation. Perhaps the secret agenda is to stay long enough to unite the factions against US occupation?? Now there's a winning strategy eh Zeb?

I just read in the O that according to the new tape from Osama, the only way to end the violence is for us to convert to Islam.
So I really dont think it matters what we do in Iraq, or out of Iraq. Its not gonna end.

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