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Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Chimp finally checks his bank statement

They must have adjusted Bush's meds. Now suddenly he's a fiscal conservative. Of course, all the country's current and impending financial disasters are the fault of those "tax and spend Democrats."

Even the wingnuts on the right aren't buying that one. For years, the real problem has been "Borrow and spend on death to prove that my dad and I are both manly men."

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Of course Bush is headed into a budget battle with congress, he needs to keep paying for this dumb war while taking away health care from kids. It just proves what an idiot the Chimp is...

He's lost the pretense of compassion, what a shocker. War - good. Children's health - too costly.

taking away health care from kids.

He's taking healthcare away? Did I miss a press conference or something?

Mandela symbolism (generic symbolism) -- "the first to be elected in fully representative democratic elections [in South Africa]."

I do not yet see an argument that rebuts the notion that Bush intended the above, and positive, historical reference; regardless of whether he was using it genuinely or cynically.


"It's for the kids" is getting another PR exercise to deliver graft to the medical provider syndicate, in lieu of enforcing anti-trust/anti-monopoly concepts to restrain extractions of economic rent. Now Hillary has adopted Dave Reinhart's approved plan for compulsory purchase of insurance as a prelude to denial of any care for those that fail to buy insurance.

I feel sick.

Wow, first he wanted to be the war president, then the peace president. The education president, and now the fiscal conservative president. I just wish when all the rats left the ship, someone would have told him he IS the lame duck president, and go back to Texas and play with his cow, singular.

Let's be fair. If there's going to be 500 billion in this budget for the military - NOT counting the costs of the wars - then someone's going to have to get left out. I mean how can we possibly take care of kids' health when it's so expensive to protect them from the evil-doers?
I know, I know. You're probably wondering why our military budget has to be as much as the rest of the world's combined?
That's easy: At the rate the President is pissing off other countries, they could all attack us at once.

Maybe Bush can follow his hero, Adolph Hitler, and start a youth military organization and turn the tots into tomorrows soldiers.
But it does take your attention away from the new NAFTA rip-off, and the new twist for North American Union....here comes Mexico!

Love the blog, Jack, but no one in the world is listening to The Chimp, especially after he tells us "Nelson Mandela is dead".

Nope, Nellie's as alive as Abe Vigoda!

It's just The Chimp who is dead, politically, forever, just got get me some dirt to throw on the fresh grave.

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