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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Quake in or near Portland?

Was that a little earthquake I just felt about four minutes ago? Or did somebody downstairs just drop a book?

UPDATE, 11:37 p.m.: No book -- quake. Reportedly 3.2, down by the Wheatland Ferry, near Gervais. Thanks, commenters.

UPDATE, 9/24, 12:17 a.m.: It's been upgraded to a 3.6.

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Comments (11)

Yup, whole house just shook. www.pnsn.org says it was a 3.2 located way south by Salem.

Good -- so I'm not crazy. (Or maybe I am, but for other reasons.)

Gave me goosebumps! The wall behind me creaked like it was hit by a gust of wind, but all was calm. Not much of a shake, just eerie.

Here in NE Portland, it was a quick bump -- as I said, as if one of the sleeping kids knocked a big Disney book out of bed.

I'm in SW on the hill facing south. Sometimes we feel the hit more than other local areas, but not this time. I didn't even hear a window rattle. But the walls, 1959 tongue in groove wood creaked like dry timber, starting at one end of the room and travelling across behind me where I was watching a little late night tv. I do not like even little temblors!

Here in the Raleigh Hills area it felt like a quick wave and then a thud. It actually startled me until I realized it was a quake. Always a weird feeling!

Just saw on the USGS site that it is now a 3.6...

We got a 'thud' and a 'shake' here in SE Portland.

I'm no seismologist, but do you think it has anything to do with the Spring Break Quake of '93, which was centered here?

Yes and what a bump it was!
I was ***** my wife Ginger at the time and she said "Honey you were great!"
I went though a whole pack of Kools as well.

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