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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Put your hands on your hard drive and pray with me

Saint Roch, still very young,
you left your home and all your possessions
and you went on your mission,
much like someone dropping out of college
to save a great city from damnation.
Thank you!

Abandoned to die of plague and rescued by a dog,
you are the patron saint of knees and dogs.
Pray for us!

While following the footsteps of Christ,
you found the poor and the plague-stricken,
and you cured many.
Thank you!

By your example,
may our hearts become tender and loving
toward the suffering, the rejected, the lottery teams of this world.
And may they be freed of their losing records!
Pray for us!

By your example,
may we bear adversity
without hate, without bitterness
and without doubting Kevin Pritchard.
Pray for us!

Saint Roch, you have reached the kingdom
of peace, joy and friendship,
much like a team in the NBA Finals.
Help us to reach it too
with all those that we carry in our heart.
Pray for us!

The Lord has provided our team surgeon
with needed skill to perform a miracle on our behalf.
Pray for us that our strength and courage may not fail;
beseech the Lord, the source of all fast breaks,
that only a small amount of cartilage be removed,
and that we be deemed worthy to live in the light of our saviour
for at least 40 games this year.
Pray for us!

Also, if you could get Bennett Salvatore fired,
or at least suspended for the season, that would be a plus.

Comments (12)

Excellently done.

But wait! Maybe Bennett would give Oden the 'Dwayne Wade treatment' for all our home games. That would get us to 41 wins!

Hmmm, it was a bit of a reach but I am not being critical.

I'm starting a novena right now.

Mein Gott! He is going to be out the entire season!!!

There is actually a patron saint of knee problems...I learned something new today.

I take it all back.

I shall now proceed to bang my forehead on the keyboard for 12 months.

This just in: God hates me.

This just in: God hates me us.

Unreal. I feel bad for him and for us. Blegh.

See what happens when you question your faith, Jack?

OMG! I just realized what the graphic in the header on your main page is! You're good!

Could an Orthopod, weigh in on the nature of the injury which required microfracture surgery? Does the term microfracture apply to the meniscus, or instead the joint itself? The loss can only be mitigated if the rest of the team kicks it up in response. An immediate lesson in dealing with adversity. What a way to start the season?

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