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Monday, September 3, 2007

Party on, Wayne... but not on free wi-fi

This story sounds familiar. Meanwhile, another source of cash has dried up for Portland's provider.

Oh, and that provider is "pushing" to "renegotiate" its deal with Portland, according to this article:

Similarly, cities that have deals that don't currently require a government investment are being asked to renegotiate existing muni Wi-Fi contracts. In Portland, Ore., MetroFi says it is pushing the city for a formal commitment to buy network services.
Hey, Opie! Don't you dare!

Comments (6)

Ok for right now. But the City has a lot of field workers who could work more efficiently IF there are usable WI-FI links available for workers in automobiles and trucks. I haven't heard anything yet that precludes the possibility that once fully built out this Metro WI-FI network might be able to deliver such links. Too soon to tell.

So in short don't do it now but wait until it's built out, test it out, and verify it's capabilities. Too soon to tell but the City may just be doing this thing right.

Greg C

PS. And yes this assumes that the WI-FI links for the City are cheaper than the current Cellular alternatives. (Many of which the City is using now.)

Yeah, when a company doesn't deliver as promised, and is teetering on the brink of financial disaster, run right out and give them the police and fire radio contract! Anything but admit that this was a bonehead idea, poorly executed...

Oh I agree Jack this thing can fail big time and now is NOT the time to be handing them any City contracts. But if Metro can pull this off we all win and if they fail. Well how much does the City have invested in this anyway.

Greg C

So far, at least one full-time employee over many, many months, and who knows how much overhead that will never be tallied.

But the pitch for corporate welfare is now beginning in earnest. Here is where the city commissioners need to learn how to just say no for once in their careers.

Pull the plug on MetroFi, buy wireless services from somebody stable (if you really need them), and hand free wi-fi over to people who are doing it right -- Personal Telco.

Why didn't the city work with the folks who were already spreading free wifi across the city? Oh, right. It wasn't an idea that came from city hall. Dorks.

The free right of way was worth some dough. I have tried to access MetroFi on two sides of City Hall, with scarce success (even from a 6th floor parking lot, LOOKING DOWN on the MetroFi thingamajiggee). Note to MetroFi executives: if you want them to buy the service, make sure it works in their HQ.

Time to acknowledge the obvious: their service sucks, even within their defined service zone. Free doesn't pay it's own way (despite what Opie says), and I'm convinced it was just a Weird CoP finger salute to Comcast. Guess who's laughing now?

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