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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Is Bush sick, drugged, or both?

I long ago started tuning out whenever our current commander-in-chief comes on the TV, radio, or internet. Watching a grown man struggle to read from a script, affecting a singsong intonation, incapable of thinking and reading at the same time -- it's painful and embarrassing. (And that's quite aside from the fact that his agenda has sent the country down the toilet.)

But this evening as I was driving home from Costco, right after a fun Dwight Jaynes radio commercial for tomorrow's Trib, suddenly on comes the big Presidential speech about our "partial withdrawal" from Iraq. I left it on, listening with a grim fascination akin to that of watching a slow-motion film of a train wreck.

The "content" was no surprise. Our invasion of Iraq has been so "successful" that now we can bring home about two thousand of the 168,000 soldiers we have there currently. Maybe a few thousand more by Christmas. A 4 percent pullout -- at most -- from the height of the surge. Woo hoo.

Everybody else gets to stay indefinitely, of course. It all depends on our "further" "success." And as we all know, it's to prevent another 9/11, yada yada yada. "Free Iraq."

Being in the car by myself, I had the freedom to call the Chimp every name in the book, and yell back at my radio with every sentence he stammered out, but for a lot of it I didn't. I was too busy listening to how bad he sounded. In addition to all the slurred words (about one every fourth sentence), now he's out of breath for the whole speech. At times his breathing is so labored that he's positively grunting out the words on the screen. Combined with his spoiled-boy nasal whine, it's pretty alarming.

If I didn't know better, I'd say there's something going on with the man's lungs. That, and he's on some pretty potent substances, whatever they may be. Good thing the Olympic doping police haven't quite reached the realm of politics yet.

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I find it amazing that someone would post something like this. Using such intelligent terms as "chimp", plus adding in a thinly veiled accusation of substance abuse when there is no way you could have knowledge pro or con on that subject?

So I will say this: Think and believe what you like, no amount of facts will ever confuse you.

But for your post, you disgust me.

Yea, and I am a Democrat, just not an insane one.

Jack may have a different point of view than you, but you don't seem to be a trained psychiatrist who is qualified to diagnose someone as being "insane". From your nickname, I'd say you were an auto mechanic. Surely those qualifications trump those of a law school professor, n'est ce pas?

a thinly veiled accusation of substance abuse

I never said or even hinted "abuse." Could be prescription drugs. But the man's not well. At all.

President Bush has got to have a sore back at the very least, from shoveling the BS all day.

Bush really does seem to be physically falling apart. But I'm no doctor. In fact, in the hierarchy of cccupational prestige I'm not even qualified to write huffy and insulting blog comments. Which I'm sure everybody else appreciates, but let me tell you its a total hardship.

Ah, huffy and insulting is kind of what the internet is all about.

Beats the pap coming out of the media.

Go watch video of the guy when he was Gov. of Texas--heck, even during the 2000 campaign. Then watch video of him now. The difference is STARTLING. Scary, in fact. Seriously degraded motor skills. Inability to speak w/o teleprompter. Even with a teleprompter, the guy can barely string two sentences together. I think he's got some serious health issues.

Thank you, I enjoyed this post. I feel the same when I hear Pres Bush. He is just getting very difficult to listen to.

I think that when you're the leader of the free world, you should be a good public speaker. Hell, I didn't agree with all of President Reagan's policies but at least he knew how to give a speech.

Nowadays in America, to be President, you needn't know how to speak, write, think on your feet, make friends, keep friends, understand law, respect law, honor tradition, mediate disputes, inspire, or manage people. You just need to have an approved party line, stick to it, and act as though the election campaign never ends. Oh, and raising taxes is a big no-no.

It's a perfect recipe for a great nation to fall apart by.


You got a stronger stomach than I, Jack. Or I am so sure of my diagnosis, that I am all done examining the specimen.

His body does not know what time zone he's in or on which side of the dateline, his physician has him on high-dosage mood maintenance because of his outburst behavior pattern, he is drinking again fairly heavily, he has shown obvious brain damage for years from his excessive cocaine and amphetamine abuse and the deterioration is progressive, and he never was too bright to begin with. Think: Forrest Gump on quaaludes in a rubber room.

For us there's no danger; the only real danger is to himself (he's over 60 now with polyps in his colon and nematodes in his skull), and having never planned or done anything himself, they are not going to let him start now.

The drole trolls are great comic relief. Hey, if you can't stand being outsmarted by a chimp, stay out of the jungle. It must be a gloomy black place where their mind wakes up every morning; they put the 'blob' in 'lobotomy.' They could go steal a mannequin from a department store and take it home to talk to, and learn more news from it. Really, how do these people get on the internet, nevermind find a blog, and impossibly comment.

Did you see what's on YouTube today -- a mediocre politician speaking fluently and connecting three prepared points in sequence, and in comparison he sounds like a F'ing genius. Now that's scary. Imagine that someday on your car radio, instead; saying he needs fifty gazillion bucks and more surge deaths. Same political message as now, except spoken in English.

And in case you missed it, a few minutes of leaked footage now shows what goes on in those fundamentalist-voter training seminars and unconcentration camps, here: NaomiKlein.ORG/shock-doctrine/short-film

Speaking of leaking, maybe you could put this link on your blog roll, for those slow times when people want a scrolling-down dose of unholy horror.

Just, enough with the 'Chimp.' You're too kind. Truth is he's way below Cretin. And, yes, his medical condition nearly qualifies him for Oregon's dignified self-demise, it's only a question of endurance in his Schiavo-on-steroids suffering; but what is too grotesque to stomach is the disgusting ruthless pater familias plans for exploitative timing, being carried out with the same cold-blooded expression as the steel-bladed veal butcher in the corral with the clueless dumb animal target.

Personally, I'm rather grateful that, considering the cadre of very evil men behind him, the Chimp does not have the rhetorical genius and psychedelic charisma of, say, Adolf Hitler.

Someone still thinks it's amazing that anyone would dare call Bush a chimp? What is this, early 2002?

Christ, that's the tamest thing I've called him in years. The foulest of the foul names stopped being enough for him years ago. These days when I mention Bush in conversation, it's simply to call for his resignation and suicide.

The worst president in the history of the United States. Period
I only hope our fragile republic, with all its faults can survive.

Wow these posts and comments are entertaining. The thought The President getting so far under one's skin that he literally screams at his car radio made me laugh out loud.

And just when it surely could not get any better, along come good ol' Tenskwatawa of all people to comment on The President's mental condition. I'm not sure if hypocrisy or irony is the right term....but classic nonetheless.

Not one of his better speeches, I agree. But obviously sufficient enough to stir up enough vitriol on the left that I'll give him a 7 out of 10 ;-)

We watched Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride last night (Hunter Thompson bio thingy) and I felt compelled to take everything he said about Nixon and insert Bush.

"For years I've regarded his existence as a monument to all the rancid genes and broken chromosones that corrupt the possibilities of the American Dream; he was a foul caricature of himself, a man with no soul, no inner convictions, with the integrity of a hyena and the style of a poison toad."

Hula, I'll make that an 8 out of 10.

Justin Frank long ago diagnosed Bush as a dry drunk. He certainly displays the symptoms. Seems likely his own docs would have him hopped up on something to mute those symptoms, since he refuses actual addiction counseling.

I seriously doubt any president in recent history hasn't been on some kind of psychoactive prescription drugs. Bush I was on Halcion most of his presidency. And that's just what they told us about.

butch = botch

Good ol' Tenskwatawa delivers an effective antidote remedy, in comedy, against Chimp-sucking propaganda brain-poison; undoing what's doing.

Smell the power.

Name me. Single me out. Point at the one you insist that everyone 'not listen to,' 'don't pay any attention to the naive little boy who says the king has no clothes,' and 'don't think about it ... don't even think about thinking.'

Too late, qutch, peeps been meme'ed: Your cretin elected in a year ending in zero does not serve out his term of Office.

And his suck-ups might face sedition and treason charges. Natch.

Every mouse click to see a link, is one more juror voting your nazi guilt and lynching.

[ Ssnnniiiiiiffffffffinhale. ] AAhhh. I LOVE the smell of Truth in the morning.

Don't worry, Butch. The President just said in 50 years it'll be seen as a terrific speech.

Bill, you are going to love this.

Leno perhaps could do closed-captioned jokes for the humor-impaired.

If the Daily Show doesn't grab the idea first.

... annotated 'closed-captioned' speeches ...

Annotate This… President Bush’s Sept 13 Speech to the Nation on Iraq, by Stephen Zunes and Erik Leaver, September 14, 2007 by Foreign Policy In Focus

Instead of charting a new direction for U.S. policy in Iraq, President Bush’s speech to the nation last evening was an impassioned plea to the American public to stay the course. But much of Bush’s argument for staying the course was based on spin instead of reality. In this edition of ‘Annotate This…’ Stephen Zunes and Erik Leaver analyze Bush’s statements and offer an alternative interpretation of the situation on the ground:

“Terrorists and extremists who are at war with us around the world are seeking to topple Iraq’s government, dominate the region, and attack us here at home…”

While the al-Qaeda still is indeed operating world wide, President Bush failed to acknowledge findings of his own intelligence agencies that the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq has dramatically increased terrorism and extremism ...

Anbar province is a good example of how our strategy is working. ... Together, local sheiks, Iraqi forces, and Coalition troops drove the terrorists from the capital of Ramadi and other population centers.

As General Petreaus acknowledged, the Anbar Salvation Council - the coalition of local sheiks and Sunni militias which came together to fight al-Qaeda forces - was formed last September, four months before the “surge” in U.S. forces into the province began.

“One year ago, much of Baghdad was under siege. ... ordinary life is beginning to return.”

Baghdad is still under siege.

“Iraq’s national leaders are getting some things done…”

Given that the stated purpose of the escalation in U.S. forces this year was to provide the political space for the Iraqi government to address the pressing political issues that would make peace possible, this is faint praise indeed.

“And local reconciliation is taking place.”

Claims by President Bush of reconciliation around the provinces have little relation to reality.

“Our troops in Iraq are performing brilliantly.”

Even while the U.S. military is capturing and killing fighters, new recruits are joining the insurgency at equal levels.

“Because of this success, Gen. Petraeus believes we have now reached the point where we can maintain our security gains with fewer American forces.”

In reality, there will be virtually no reduction of troops by December nor will there be a reduction of ...

"Now, because of the measure of success we are seeing in Iraq, we can begin seeing troops come home."

U.S. military commanders have made it clear that American forces simply cannot sustain the current level of combat troops in Iraq and there would need to be a withdrawal to pre-surge levels regardless of the situation on the ground.

“Over time, our troops will shift from leading operations, to partnering with Iraqi forces, and eventually to overwatching those forces.”

This promise has been made repeatedly over the past four years but is yet to be fulfilled.

“This vision for a reduced American presence also has the support of Iraqi leaders from all communities.”

This is totally false.

“If we were to be driven out of Iraq, extremists of all strains would be emboldened.”

It cannot be stressed enough that there was no radical Islamist insurgency in Iraq until after the United States invaded and occupied that country in 2003.

“If we were to be driven out of Iraq, … Iran would benefit from the chaos ....”

First of all, it is highly debatable as to whether Iraq would suffer from any more chaos than it does now under U.S. military occupation.

“If we were to be driven out of Iraq…Extremists could control a key part of the global energy supply.”

Sunni extremists — in the form of the Wahhabi-dominated kingdom of Saudi Arabia — already control a key part of the global energy supply with little objections from the Bush administration, ...

“If we were to be driven out of Iraq…Iraq could face a humanitarian nightmare.”

Iraq is already a humanitarian nightmare.

“If we were to be driven out of Iraq… Democracy movements would be violently reversed.”

Unfortunately, there has been little progress toward democracy in the Middle East and there is a fair amount of evidence that the U.S. invasion of Iraq and the resulting chaos has actually set back pro-democracy movements in the region.

“If we were to be driven out of Iraq… We would leave our children to face a far more dangerous world. And as we saw on September 11, 2001, those dangers can reach our cities and kill our people.”

The Iraqis who are fighting American forces in Iraq have nothing to do with those responsible for the 9/11 attacks ...

Boy, what a contrast.


Imagine having a president with enough socialization to be able to understand the motivations of others and enough intelligence to be able to frame arguments to appeal to their interests.

Using mrfeelless47's standards it is probably not my place to have an opinion, nor should I post it on this subject since I don't have a lot of letters after my name, but I have thought for a long time that George should just be arrested and charged with violating the crimes he has committed. If Ken Lay can be held responsible for what happened at Enron and South Africa can have a Truth and Reconciliation committee then maybe we, in America can find a way to hold the Chief Executive of this country responsible for his action, or lack of.

Now I'll step back into my place and stay there. Is that okay mrfeerless47?


You know I have looked and looked and I don't find then name of mrfeerless47 anywhere in this thread other than in M.W.'s post.

Am I missing something here?

Greg C

Okay Greg C. Here are mrfeeerless47's comment. it is the second post in the thread. "Jack may have a different point of view than you, but you don't seem to be a trained psychiatrist who is qualified to diagnose someone as being "insane". From your nickname, I'd say you were an auto mechanic. Surely those qualifications trump those of a law school professor, n'est ce pas?"

Posted by mrfearless47 | September 13, 2007 8:16 PM

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