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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

In the big spotlight

There isn't much bigger publicity than what the University of Oregon received in this morning's New York Times: front page, across the two left-hand columns. But I don't think too many folks in Eugene are jumping up and down in delight.

And who comes in at the end, looking so much like Joan of Arc, but Vicki Walker! The only person in the whole piece who looked pretty good.

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Not to absolve the U of O, but expect more of the same. Tuition costs have far outpaced inflation and lot of it is becaause student/parents/lenders have picked up the costs. If enrollment still climbs why wouldn't U of O keep tacking on fees?

Heck CoP just raises BDS fees 7% because they can without any extra service, so why shouldn't other govt entities do the same? This is de facto tax increases.

When I enrolled at UO in the fall of 2000 tuition wasn't to far above the $3,000 mark and (if my admittedly hazy memory serves) fees totaled around $400 or $500. Over the course of the 2001-2002 budget debacle, a several years-long tuition freeze was lifted, and fees started going through the roof. The first one I remember is that energy fee they talk about in the article.

Of course, the reason that both tuition and fees have had to increase so sharply is that state support for the "state university" is a joke.

Condi's gonna have to replace those shoes...mmmm...

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