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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Goin' back

The downtown Portland Meier & Fra -- er, Macy's will reopen in about a month. And as much as they'd like to curtail the practice, it looks as though they will indeed be sending around discount coupons to get you in there.

The coupons don't do much for me. The fine print on the back usually excludes whatever I'm in the mood to go to Macy's for. But come holiday shopping time, I can't imagine not making the pilgrimage to Fifth and Morrison.

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We got invited to a "Macy's Grand Re-Opening Gala" on Oct. 24, but there weren't any coupons involved. The tickets are $75, and only $37.50 goes to arts organizations. Oh, and they throw in a $25 Macy's gift card and a cheap bottle of wine.

I appreciate the arts organizations and often support them, but not at this price.

The REAL QUESTION is will anyone come? It's no secret that almost anything you can find downtown can be had at the various shopping malls around Portland. And there are no panhandlers or parking hassles to deal with either.

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