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Monday, September 10, 2007

Getting so much better all the time

Things are starting to get a little too interesting in Pakistan.

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The Pakistan thing seems to be mostly intended as a distraction ... Don't think about illegal Bushoccupation war crimes, naziism, holocaustic murder torture and devastation in Iraq ... don't think about it ... don't think about it ... LOOK !! Over There- -} PAKISTAN.

Plus, a smaller part, is there are some loose ends in Pakistan unravelling out of Bushnazi control.

Be reminded, Pakistan amounts to the most ancient culture and civilization starts, in the fertile, well habitable, Indus River Valley. Before India, before China. So these 'people' are more 'advanced,' 'more' civilized than Euro/US, despite the prevailing reflex from massmind media brainwashing to think of 'them' as 'third world no-accounts.'

An important geographic vantage is seen, in that Pakistan has ocean shoreline, Afghanistan does not.

Jack's first link -- excuse me, "a lot much interesting" -- offers comprehensive modern portrayal of matters.

The second link, however -- "Pakistan" -- presents a truncated timeline: it starts too late, (Jan.1972) so the reader joins it in the middle of the story.

The lead-up starts earlier, 1969-71, when the Kissinger and George Hitler Worker Bush pair, Henry & Herbert, set a deal with Pakistan to give them nuclear armament (unprotested) in exchange for passage through them, (their land and auspices), to contact China for a deal to give Nixon for '72 re-election strategy in playing "the China card." (Jack's linked article mentions 'China and Pakistan are longstanding associates.') So, by Jan.72, any 'nuclear capability' Pakistan 'got,' came from US, as quid pro quo payment for performance.

On a world tour during 1969, Nixon had told President Yahya Khan, the dictator of Pakistan ....
The Nixon era China card took shape during July, 1971 with Kissinger's "Operation Marco Polo I," his secret first trip to Peking.

Notice in the reading, as the 'saber rattling' showdown of the H-and-H interests in Pakistan-China faced off against India-Russia, the key tactic which 'won the day' for H-and-H was promotion of the secreted uncertainty and worry that 'Nixon was crazy enough' and so India-Russia and we, the people 'didn't know what he was going to do.'

(See Ref:) Kissinger comments in his memoirs [...]: "Had we lost our minds? It was in fact sober calculation. ... We had to give the Soviets a warning that matters might get out of control on our side too. ... the other side could not be sure; it might not be willing to accept even the minor risk that we might act irrationally."

These comments by Kissinger lead to the conclusion that the Hot Line message of December 12 was part of a calculated exercise in thermonuclear blackmail and brinksmanship. Kissinger's reference to acting irrationally recalls the infamous RAND Corporation theories of thermonculear confrontations as chicken games in which it is useful to hint to the opposition that one is insane. If your adversary thinks you are crazy, then he is more likely to back down, the argument goes.

This is the same fearmongering drama-queen theatrics being used on us, we, the people, today and by the same powermad wannabe world-dominators: BigDaddyPresident Herbert B. and his SPECTRE Premier Henry K., Pinky and The Brain.

Program! Get yer Program! Can't tell the players without a scorecard. Right here, folks, get yer Program! Things are getting interesting in Pakistan.

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