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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Finally, something NOT "for the children"

Looks like that Whole Foods-Wild Oats deal may cost some local schools some money.

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In other local supermarket news, someone on the San Diego Chargers just bought the shopping center where the Concordia New Seasons is located.



The only SD Charger of any significance with Oregon roots is former UO end Igor Olshansky. I don't see it being him, though, since he's only halfway through a $7 million contract. It seems unlikely that he would have $2.6 million laying around to invest in a shopping center. Must be another player. LaDainian? Very weird.

You don't need to have $2.6 million to buy a property for $2.6 million. All you have to do is have enough for a decent down payment (probably a half-million would do) and good enough credit for financing. Rents from the shopping center will pay off the mortgage and other costs.

I have to say, having New Seasons in town gets better and better every day, considering the alternative.

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