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Monday, September 17, 2007

Everything's up to date in Kansas City

Including the Wild Oats store situation there. "The Mission store is scheduled to close Oct. 28 and will be replaced with a new store with[in] 15 to 20 miles." Oh, that'll be convenient.

Another indication that when the condo/apartment bunker Whole Foods goes in on Sandy, the Burnside and Fremont Wild Oatses will be toastes.

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I'm guessing Burnside goes (good riddance), Freemont stays. There is enough population base in NE to support two stores.

I wouldn't bet on it. First, Whole Foods is going to run out of money at some point. Second, they'll have to deal with Stan Amy (a New Seasons guy), who's their landlord on Fremont. I hope I'm wrong, but to me the tea leaves say closure within a year.

You may be right, but it seems to me the Freemont location is too close to the 33rd location for another New Seasons. I look at the Freemont location as feeding off of Irvington/Alameda/Hollywood, and the new Hollywood local feeding off of the Hollywood/Laurelhurst/Rose City neighborhoods. It seems a New Seasons at the Freemont location would just take business from the other store. Should be interesting....

I don't think another New Seasons will go in on Fremont. But I do know it would be hostile turf for a Whole Foods. Of course, the landlord is no fan of Wild Oats, either, and he's coexisted with them for quite a while... maybe it would work out... if WF wants it to...

My fear is that there won't be a grocery store of any kind there! As long as I can get a lemon, yogurt, and some chicken breasts there, I'll be o.k.


So you're ok if they throw in a Winco ;-)

Personally, I think it would make a great second Trader Joes location since the Hollywood local is still so busy....I know, wishful thinking.

I don't really get the whole Trader Joe's deal -- in less enlightened times, I might have said "it seems like a chick thing" -- but I'd be glad to have one on Fremont.

The 15th/Fremont location seems too prime to not have a grocery store, although whoever designed that parking lot needs to have his license revoked.

Speaking of grocery stores, when's that Zupan's on 15th and Broadway going in?


Perhaps you need an upgrade in the neighborhoods demographic profile.

Why not ask a few thousand BMW and Audi owners to register their rigs at your home address?

Huh... I would've thought 15 to 20 miles would be too long of a bike ride for the Wild Oats green crowd...

I can't wait for that Burnside dump to close down. Maybe we'll get a store--any store--that carries more than just organic facial cream and flax paste.

+1 to Mr. Waterhouse. I'm not shedding a single tear for the closure of Wild Oats Hillsdale, despite how very close to me it is.

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