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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

And now a word from Sam Bowie

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No big deal?
I predict with in 5 years this 7 foot player will be living on North Interstate Ave. And I don't mean one of those high rise condo's, think motel!

There once was a promising young player who was just starting out in the NBA. In fact, it was his second season when his foot broke forcing him to miss 64 regular season games. The basketball world was sickened by the news. A problem with a foot? That's what you come down on. That's got to be crucial. This could even be career-threatening. But somehow Michael Jordan healed and things went great for him after that.
Who am I kidding? I'm as freaked out as the rest of you. Oh well, if this turns into a Sam Bowie-like disaster, we'll always have the ping pong ball moment.

Bill, perhaps you meant Grant Hill?

C'mon the big diff was that Sam Bowie wasn't close to M Jordan as a pro basketball-ready player when he got drafted. The Blazers were just looking to fill a position.

Oden was the best player available and whne you have #1 pick, you have to pick that guy. Durant still has match-up issues (like the first time he tries to cut to the basket he could probably use an extra 20 lbs of muscle.)

If the knee was that bad, I would have thought they see it in a pre-screen. realize he never played his one year at Ohio State in total helath either and he was still way above the other people in talent.

I still think the Blazers did the right pick.

Jack, you finaly do another Blazer's post and you just had to make it negative (especially with the Bowie reference, ouch). Why doesn't anyone bring up the fact that we gave away Moses Malone in 76? Walton gave us the 77 Champonship, but Moses would have made us a dynasty for 4-6 years at a minnimum. Walton at the high-post, Malone down low, and Lucas off the bench as our enforcer / 6th man...WOW. The first team who, maybe, could have beat us would've been the 84 Celtics, but probably not.

Anyway, I still think Durant might end up being a better play, but the Blazer's made the right pick. Who cares if Oden starts off slow, everyone wil be talking about Aldrige (and Roy, of course) in about 4 months anyway. Also, don't forget about Frye, we didn't exactly steal him from the Knicks, but everyone forgets how well he played his rookie year when he got minutes. The Blazer's need an experienced 'true' point guard (Sergio might get there, Jack is a combo guard) and they will contend in 2 years.

Oden wil be fine, this isn't microfrature surgery, and he hasn't torn his ACL/MCL.

Be positive Jack!!!!

I seem to remember Sam Bowie breaking a leg in college, and then also breaking his leg one time while shooting jumpshots in a pre-game warm-up.
The stat I love about Oden is he never lost a home game in high school or college. That's amazing - especially if my memory of hearing that is correct. I'm sure of the Michael Jordan injury, though, and you can look it up.
At any rate, there's no second guessing here from me - even before Greg proved to be such a great person. His initial appearance at Pioneer Square and the way he handles interviews is pure gold. Maybe this is a test of what kind of fans we are. The hoop gods want to know if we're worthy.

this isn't microfrature surgery, and he hasn't torn his ACL/MCL.

We don't know what it is. So far, it's "just one of those things." That's what they said about Sam.

Everyone's favorite non-authoritative source agrees with Mr. McDonald about Mr. Jordan.

I seem to remember a bulging disc or something like that on his back too. He's 19. Back problems and knee problems at 19?

c'mon jack...at least use a pick of Bowie in his Blazer's uni....or at worst, his Nets uni. Putting him in his Laker jersey is just piling on.

PS - I am making the bold prediction this knee thing with Oden is a minor setback to a career that will include at least two NBA Championships for Portland.

Microfracture, you were right Jack.

I'm blaming you or being negative, it wouldn't have happened if you hadn't cursed the Blazer's with that Sam Bowie photo!!!!

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