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Monday, September 3, 2007

America is dead

Sadly, there's a lot of truth to this.

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Thankfully it is still a free county. I personally think we've lost a lot in the country but not one single item that the author mentioned. He does not see the problems in America that I see and I do not agree with his views. That, in and of itself, sets this country far above many, many countries in this world; where his speaking his mind or me speaking mine would get us thrown in prison or worse. Of course with his 'gloom and doom' perspective he will never see this. I don't think I'd like it here with his view of how he might like this country. In fact, if we did things the way, it appears, that he would like to do things; I'm not so sure this country would still exist.

I'd take a rollback to summer 2000 myself.

I haven't lost anything and the constitution is fully intact.

However I can easily imagine that the total loss of all, that Democrats perceive, will vanish from their imaginations should a D be elected President. I will be a miracle.

The author would disagree with you there. The D's are part of the problem, according to the article. I agree.

Consider this: The Military Commission Act 2006, Homeland Security Act, and Free Trade Agreements.
Now the constitution is scrapped for Martial law by military. Elections can be scrapped in time of ANY emergency, Eavesdropping is permissible without court approval, and torture chambers and foreign prison for any undesirables. Mussolini so aptly called it..we are the Fascist Republic of Amerika.
How long Freedom of Speech? Bush has a long way to go.
Congress is maybe more guilty than Bush.
DeFazio is such a chump.

"And despite the deep unpopularity of the regime, there is still a widespread reluctance to recognize its true nature, and what it will require to restore our constitutional republic. And truth to tell, there are a great many people uninterested in doing so. As long as the diversions keep pouring through the latest gadgetry, the monthly paycheck manages to cover the bills, and their own bodies are not subjected to the tyrant's evil, many people are happy to accept the authoritarian system. (This is not unique to Americans, of course; it is a constant in human history.)"

I agree. People who have had it good all their lives and aspire to 1.74 children and the "American Dream", it seems will do anything to bring it about, if it means dumping an aging wife for a younger model or scamming a "nobody" out of her land- without a crisis of conscience- because they have come to believe it is their birthright. Information indicating that more is expected of them if they are to be considered good citizens, just causes them to throw tantrums.

Man, what a depressing link to end the holiday weekend! When I read the author's predictions from Autumn '01, my head and stomach start to spin. Nobody with any authority is calling this admin. to account--and as of today, it appears nobody will. The place I should be this Thursday at noon is in front of Wyden's office with the other folks who show they give a cr** in public....

It's Blumenauer's office. And yeah, I think it's time to get out there.

Anybody re-read "THE Handmaid's Tale" lately? Margaret Atwood nails it!
Maybe I really will move to Canada and live full time off the grid at my cottage 15 miles from the US border sooner rather than later.

"When facism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross."

-Sinclair Lewis

"Ed" has this one.

The magnitude of flag wrapped cross carriers is but a dosile blip compared to the burgeoning loony left.
As recognized by many of your more reasonable and moderate fellow democrats.

I suspect that pretending there is this flag/cross monster in need of defeating is a neccessary part of the left's growing tantrum on all fronts.

Around here it's in all forms as demonstarted by the O editorialpage on a daily basis. Today's shotgun wedding proposal for Clark County is a perfect example. Gee they only want to stick Clark county with everything Metro does.

Those flag wrapped cross carriers will need to be dealt with.

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