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Thursday, August 23, 2007

You're in good foam with Allstate

Here's an insurance company that's taking a proactive approach to insuring those McMansions.

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Well, when you can't depend upon a prompt response from the National Guard, I guess you innovate and actually do something.

Is this that new "umbrella/hydrant" McMansion-owners policy?

How do you keep up with all this esoteric stuff?

I'm all for preventing fire damage to property.

But I don't like where this seems to be headed:

Allstate taking over public functions like Fire Departments, not to mention Security and Police, etc.

Private company unaccountable to citizens becoming literally All of the State.

"Private company unaccountable to citizens becoming literally All of the State."

ANd protecting the Property of only those who are Current on their Premiums.

I'm all for it, why should I pay to protect some Californian's vacation house built in an extremely fire prone area? Granted I'd prefer a local tax vs. private firm.

By the way I've seen the neighborhoods being protected, and there isn't anything "Mc" about those mansions.

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