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Friday, August 31, 2007

You don't say!

Doggone it. Homer, Dike, Gerding and the boys got your neighborhood's transportation money. Especially shafted: Southeast and outer Northeast Portland. Thanks, Sam and Vera.

Next they'll be stealing it for the Burnside-Couch couplet and the east side streetcar. Enjoy those unpaved streets in Cully, and the new parking meters on Hawthorne. The fat cats will be laughing it up at Bluehour, and the joke's on you.

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Phase it out over 4 years? How about just saying that it didn't quite work out and ending it now?

Or maybe it should continue and be reversed, all the money for the next 4 years gets devoted to Southeast and outer Northeast Portland. That sounds like a plan.

“The issue is not how much each project costs, but how much System Development Charges money would go into them and where it would come from,”

Sounds like Sam talking. It really doesn't mztter how much it costs, we'll take the money for the rest of it from somewhere.

You guys apparently have a brand new streetcar, I believe. It was on it's way up Wednesday, on a train. I passed it just north of Butte Valley.

The only news here is that it's taken the local media so very long to report on it.

And the Oregonian is still MIA?

Why does this quote not surprise me:

The other big loser was Southeast Portland, which paid around $6.5 million in charges but received less than $2 million back.

The author didn't take the next step: calculating these figures on a per capita basis, or even better, on a per capita / media income basis.

This would make the disparities not only larger, but show how skewed they are toward higher income areas.

Another in the endless reasons why we desperately need election districts for our council.

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