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Monday, August 20, 2007

Wyden blocks a shot

I've been ragging on the Democratic Congress for not doing enough to stand up to the Bush White House. But at least once in a while they do a little something.

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Another in the strange ways of dimmos and power of Bush is DeFazio cries of indignation that impeachment is impossible because congress voted in support[ this seems to cover everything Bush ever did]. My question to DeFazio is: " When Bush, Cheney, Powell, Tenet, and Rice all bare-faced lied to congress about Weapons of Mass Destruction and Al-Queda being linked to Hussein, why is this not grounds for impeachment? Under Bush, new laws about lying to a policeman or FBI or CIA is long prison time, why not this criminal in the white house being subjected to same laws? Or is DeFazio just another wimp dimmo?

The Dems all have little pet moments to point to when they were "tough" on the Bush administration: "Did you see how fierce I was asking Alberto Gonzales those questions?" But that was followed by a new surveillance bill that among other things, gave Gonzales more power. The Democrats aren't going to get away with symbolic gestures this time. One recent poll gave Congress a 3% approval rating for its handling of Iraq. The American People aren't buying the charade. I mean 3%? That means they were less popular than the margin of error. And nobody is buying it when Nancy Pelosi rushes out the next morning and says she's mad about the surveillance bill too, and wants to amend it as soon as possible. As the old country song put it, "It's a little too late to do the right thing now."

Yeah, and in Ashland or Medford this 'town hall' weekend, Wyden tsk-tsk'ed and cluck-cluck'ed agreement with the raucus overflow crowd, 'how awful, gosh darn, really really really upsetting this whole I-can't-figure-it-out Iraq thing is,' my my my, Wyden squeaked, he was 'dismayed -- dismayed! -- to tell you, about the expense and damages and all that there stuff, in Iraq.'

And the retro-spin being ground out is that Wyden opposed it from the start, whereas I sat ten feet in front of him, Feb. 25, 2003, 3 weeks preliminary and he was selling Iraq invasion, telling 'town hall' Oregon City, that definitely, definitely, definitely [quote], "we KNOW Saddam has weapons of mass destruction, VX, nerve gas ...," where I butted in, "there are NO WMD's in Iraq." To his face. And Wyden glared at me, blinked, da-blink da-blink [what's up with his eyelids, anyway?], and continued, "... and we have got to go in and get them out."

Wyden is a phony baloney wuss. Senator Ron, if you are so darn-tootin conscientious, then second Boxer's call for impeachment, and Feinstein's, and Snowe's [R !!], and issue some press releases of your own, CALL for IMPEACHMENT ! ! ! wimp Wyden. Support HR 333 in the House, support its passage to the Senate.

Iraq will take care of itself after that.

Suspect a guy named Rizzo?

So Jack, you're the legal expert, answer me this. Rizzo's acting general counsel at the CIA (for the third time since 2001). He was nominated five months ago to general counsel. Bush only has 17 months left before he's out of office. How much longer does Rizzo have as acting general counsel before he has to leave?

International Herald Tribune:


"Rizzo has been acting general counsel off and on for most of the past six years, serving without Senate confirmation. He was first nominated to the position last year, but a hearing by the Senate Intelligence Committee was delayed until this week."

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