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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Worth tapping into

Hey, bloggers, want tons of traffic? Sign up as a member of Reddit on OregonLive, submit a post from your blog every so often, and if the post makes it to the coveted "Hottest" position, you'll be high up on the front page of OregonLive for a while. Then watch the hits come rollin' in -- I can tell you from sweet experience. You know how they call the readership surge resulting from a link on Instapundit an "Insta-lanche"? Well, check out the "Reddit-lanche."

The "hot" rating comes from member votes for and against particular posts. Right now there are only a relatively few members, and one of them mysteriously gets four points for everything he submits, but as more folks get involved, the voting should become less suspicious. Signing up may kill some of your precious time, but there's a goldmine of readers out there waiting for you -- or for your favorite blogger (hint, hint).

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Actually, some have five and six points, not just four. There's nothing mysterious about it; I did what you're doing here--asking for readers to support certain stories. In my case it's almost always something having to do with Smith and Klamath, because I think it's an important story. Hopefully Oregon will reap the reward that comes from being properly informed, now that state media have begun picking up what we're throwing down.

I wasn't talking about you, Mark Bunster.

Awesome! Thanks for the tip, Jack. Amy and I just signed up.

Theoretically, this should drive the quality of all our local blogs up, as we all compete for the coveted top spot! Of course, I'm sure there will be those who sensationalize their content, just to get readers. But let's agree never to stoop to such measures...

If they behave badly, we simply vote them down. That's the whole idea.

I just voted for you.

Thanks. He he! It will be fun to watch as "alliances" are formed, etc. If it really catches on, however, there will be such a large number of voters that you won't be able to influence it too much with shameless groveling and whoring.

Looks like it might be nice, but the software has some bugs... We'll see how it turns out.

There's a larger Reddit beyond Oregon as well. Good luck getting anywhere in that slugfest.

What seems confusing to me, is that it appears you are voting for the person who posted a link to an article, instead of voting for the site, article, and/or author which I think would be more useful.

When you click on the arrow, you are voting post by post, although I think the software also keeps track of how the member's suggestions fare.

But if you looks at the "stats" page all the "Karma" points appear to be applied against the link poster. (Not that I can figure out what all the stats mean.) I couldn't find any stats that are rolled up by site.

i vote for two of yours, Jack. interesting concept there--still looking for how the articles get seen by the general public via Oregonlive...

Dude, thanks for the plug, Jack! And thanks for all your great content.

OregonLive.com / Advance Internet


The stats explanation is in the help section. I'm sure the math behind the 'awards' is complex -- maybe they're still working out the kinks. Kind of cool though.

Bellwether = best predictor of the day's top links

Contentious = wrote the most controversial comment

Controversial = submitted the most controversial link

Eureka = stroke of genius! wrote best comment of the day

Gold = submitted the top-scoring link

Lurker = didn't do anything, just lurked like a champ

Pooh-bah = highest overall score (comments & links)

Procrastinator = slacked off from work the most today

Rabble-rouser = generated the most discussion

Sage = contributed highest average comments

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