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Monday, August 20, 2007

Will the Big One go off in Portland this week?

The military and the fun folks over at Homeland Security are planning a computerized disaster simulation in Portland this week -- reportedly including a run-through of a terrorist detonation of a nuclear weapon, maybe even right here in the Rose City.

Given the fact that such an event would be the best thing to happen for the Republican Party in years, and given that you cannot put anything past the spooks in D.C. these days, this is discomforting news, to be sure. Unlike some, I don't think anything bad is really going to happen, despite reports of "coincidences" between past drills and real attacks such as London, Madrid, and even 9/11. But a lot of things I thought I'd never see have come to pass under the current bunch running the country. There are new mind-blowers every day.

Take look at this pdf document -- particularly page 10. Creepy. And some of the software that Homeland Security's using is apparently a hometown product. Yay, Little Beirut!

It looks as though our local officials are perfectly fine with the whole thing. I'm not sure whether that's a good sign or a bad one. Meanwhile, the O editorial board likes it -- which really makes me nervous.

I'm looking forward to this thing being over and done with, without incident.

Comments (16)

I was very sad to see the MAC club wiped out by the radioactive fallout on the map.

This is only a test. If this were an actual nuclear detonation, you would be give further instructions about where to go and what to do.

Upside: no more Voter Owned Elections, reduced greenhouse gases, fewer pension liabilities.

Wait, we can just tuck under our desks and be fine, right?

I think this mission should be turned over to our brilliant Metro Councilors for a regionwide approach.

Will they simulate a blow up the tram (rim shot) too? How about the streetcar? Gee no more boxing matches at the Univ. Club.
Duck and cover, everyone...Homeland INsecurity is on the move again. I feel SO safe now...NOT!

hey...the city is doing it for the 30 million and more dollars!
It is ALL about the money, folks.

C'mon, nothing's gonna happen. Bush is too busy directing that hurricane. He can't be two places at once.

Im kinda surprised that the city wants anything to do with something like this after the stink about the JTTF.

So long fareless square.

By the way: When looking for people who know more than they are letting on about the "simulated" events planned for this week, just check to see who is conveniently out of town this week.

However, there is a lot of plausible deniability in the end of August family vacation.

Please visit www.oregontruthalliance.org for more information on Noble Resolve activism and related topics.


We at the Oregon Truth Alliance are not making any predictions -- but we are taking history's precedent seriously. The wargames in effect on 9/11/01 were computer simulations and "routine" exercises just like Noble Resolve. One involved a "plane into building" scenario and one was a live fly hijacking. How do the coincidence theorists among you like them apples? The same phenomenon occured with "Internal Look" command exercise used to kick off Desert Storm and there was a multiple bomb attack drill going on during the London bombings on 7/7/05.

We want people to be aware of the potential danger, but more importantly -- we wanted to publicize the fact, as far and as wide as possible, that we see the pattern and we'll not be fooled again. Of course, we can't speak for the hard core coincidence theorists out there, but we wanted to speak out on behalf of all who sense the lunacy of the Bush administrations "official" stories so far --- the 9/11 whopper about the 19 Saudis with boxcutters dropping 3 buildings in NY among them.

By the way, many of us think the bigger danger may be the sickly-named "Top Off" exercise, coming to Oregon in October. Perhaps it'll be the October surprise? Well, hell, they're doing the 2008 campaigns one year early, why not the October surprise. That could be their thinking.

We'll try to report everything we can about these exercises over at http://www.oregontruthalliance.org Take care everyone.

Ducking and covering,
Ginny Ross

This is a waste of Time and Money. Everyone knows That in Little BAY ROOT That Terrorists work as Interns in The Mayors Office. We even Were Taken off The Task Force,and The Mayor is a Scoff law. What a Joke

This terrordrill activist activist hopes his efforts have paid off. The hew and cry about false flag terror is being raised world wide.

Why doesn't bojack add a traffic builder to his site with the nuke map of Portland from the Harvard study? It is available at http://www.oregontruthalliance.org
It's a strong indicator that someone was THINKING about nuking Portland.

Whazzat ...? Shhhh. It sounded like someone whistling past the graveyard.

Well, I'm a predictable sort, and the planet pattern IMHO shows George Hitler Worker Bush's hallmark insignia -- call him Herbert -- of Nine Eleven Op, for the Second Jackboot dropping; as being very much the motif between Aug. 12 (Rove runs away) and Aug. 28 (lunar eclipse ...). Now 8 days down, 8 to go.

Herbert does it all, did it all -- the be-all, end-all. Such a clever infamy running his Imbecile#43 as the stalking horse hiding Nine Eleven Op. Obviously Dumbo is incapable of orchestrating N.E.O., ergo everyone is and nobody dunnit. Herbert dunnit. Because he can, the one and only who could. Besides, he's been talking about it (hijacked planes into the Twin Towers) since 1983, at least.

And, he's baaaack, 8/12-8/28. I see When, I don't see What. Don't see clearly; yet an 'educated' guess is a radiation dispersal 'event,' (read: WMD), in the vicinity of SoCal ports and cargo containers. The idea being to lay a glowing stripe of no man's land, (read: castle moat), from L.A. to N.O., LA. 'Educated,' that is, by the strateegeric leaks that all fearmaker news is made of.

Disregard whatever manufactured evidence comes to light in aftermath, it is the timing: NOW, which is Herbert's fingerprints on it and convicts him.

Maybe that puts P-town out of his frying pan, (recall: Herbert coined 'Little Beirut'), but it puts the country on fire. Or under it. Particularly worrisome is the clueless heartbeat between Cheney and USAdoom. (Think: reverse oedipus complex.)

The same planet pattern holds out hope against despair, though. Herbert could get ratted out this time, turned in, some fascism-enabler has taken all she can take and stands up confronting him. It appears something of the feminine persuasion, (Venus symbol: maybe a woman veritable, maybe virtual ... a 'her'-icane? Lady Luck? Lady Liberty?), bolluxes the coordination, misses her assignment, flubs the works.

The cycle at hand came round before, when Herbert 'went to the well' in '53, '71, '89, and now ('06-07) pressing his hardluck, the bottom drops out. Pray, I say.

If we get safely past the 28th, uneventfully, the pattern recedes. If August is a 10, October is a 6. Not really safe, (Herbert is sick; read: Jekyll and Hyde and erratic), but any port in a storm looks haven-ly. From September, count down the days to elections, '08 -- each one is better for our interests, worse for his. Pray, I say.

And could we get surveillance on Kennebunkport? NOW!

Are you off your meds, Dude?

The man of icy nerve senses it, too, this is getting real. serious.

Wayne Madsen Report, August 22, 2007 -- Chatter about an "incident" on West Coast at all time high
Aug 21, 2007
Chatter indicates a possible incident in San Francisco Bay Area on Labor Day weekend.

That self-damning Pelosi better wake up and smell the double-cross. Step away from the District, Madame Speaker, toots.

An intrigue in my "reverse oedipal complex" formulation, is that clueless Jughead has to 'get caught in it' -- Oh, the heart-wrenched mourning, and revenge gnashing. When all the aides and assistants and secretaries head for the hills, 'to spend family time,' and leave the patsy sitting in isolation, any non-brain-damaged bloke might get the message: he's expendable. (This 'coupling,' of goings-on and goner, is why I've been interested in Dumbo's travel schedule out of Crawford -- all I heard so far is he's up in Bellevue (WA) soon, so maybe that includes a side-excursion "down by the S.F. bay.")

But, OOOOH!, the replacement !!

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