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Saturday, August 11, 2007

What a difference a decade makes

From 1994:

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Well, obviously the answer to his question as to "how many dead Americans is the fall of Saddam worth?" (which he answered then 'not many') has changed to more than 3,000. Not to mention dead and innocent Iraqis.

Mr. Vice "I'll say anything" strikes again.

But will anyone have the guts to play that clip for him if they're 'lucky' enough to get an interview? (i.e. they're not 'Rush') No. Will any of our democratic majority, slim as it is, stand up for impeachment? No.

And will thinking Oregonians stand up and vote against Gordon Smith "the fish kill had nothing to do with me and Dick Cheney"? Probably not.

But I've finally decided. I will vote against him. That stupid article in the O was the last straw for me. I've had it with Mr. Smith, credentials and all.

Most people gain wisdom as they age. Some people, like Mr. Cheney, gain self-confidence but lose their wisdom.

I sort of liked Smith before Bush. Now it's time to get them both out of our sight for good.

It goes both ways!

My son is a shiny new second lieutenant in the army. He came home with a wonderful expression that perfectly describes Dick Cheney: He confuses arrogance with competence.


He came home

You're lucky.

Did you ever notice how Cheney always tilts his head and talks to you sideways? Hardly ever holds his head up and looks you in the eye. What a creep. To let this guy run the country -- America the Stupid.

Sorry, I just had to listen to that again.

So here's the cross examination - er - interview you will never hear any part of from our gutless 'journalists'

[play clip]
Reporter: So, Mr. Vice President, you said essentially that more than 146 American casualties as suffered in the First Gulf War was not acceptable to push on to Baghdad and take out Saddam Hussein then. You said it would result in a quagmire. We are now over 3,000 casualties in the current war. So how is it now that these new casualties are acceptable, when previously they were not?

Vice: Well, 9/11 changed everything... we had no choice but to pursue Saddam Hussein

Reporter: Mr. Vice President, how can you still assert that there is any connection between the tragedy of 9/11 and Iraq? It has been shown time and again that there is NO CONNECTION between Saddam Hussein and the terrorists who flew into the twin towers.

Vice: Its all part of the larger war on Terror.

Reporter: But there were no terrorists in Iraq capable of damaging the United States under Saddam Hussein... the terrorist threat was confined then to the mountain regions of Pakistan (our ally) and originating in Saudi Arabia (our "ally" and good friends of the Bush family). Now Iraq is a breeding ground for terrorists, coalescing around our resented presence there.

Vice: If we don't fight them there we will have to fight them here.

Vice: Iraq was on the verge of having nukes - we don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud.

Vice: They had WMD's, they just moved them to Syria because they knew we were coming.

Reporter: Thank you, Mr. Vice President. It's all clear to me now.

Wow, it's amazing how right he was. It is playing out exactly as he thought it would. They were able to calculate the value of American lives though. If you visit Halliburton's website you can see their financial statement information for the last 10 years- 809 million net income in 2001, 2.348 Billion in 2006. I would calculate the value of dead American soldiers to Halliburton at 453,047/soldier. (average of increase profit for a year divided by average of dead American soldiers a year, for first four years of the war).

Keep in mind that is just Halliburton, Bechtel's value per soldier is going to likely be substantially higher. However, their financial information is not as easily obtainable and I am not a patient person

I'm just speechless. You just don't forget these sentiments the span of 13 years, you'd have to choke it down with a drink and knowledge that your wallet is fatter for it.

I noticed the tilting head thing too, and I'm amazed at how little that has changed in 13 years. Still snake-y and shifty after all these years...

Impeachment may seem trivial little more than a year away from the election, but damn this country if we don't show our children we had standards, ethics and their future in mind...

I'm amazed at how little that has changed in 13 years. Still snake-y and shifty after all these years...

No, he was RIGHT 13 years ago. Everything he says then was basically right, and the results predictable.

He's not stupid. It was a deliberate and calculated manufuctured set of lies that got us into this war. That should be unacceptable and worthy of impeachment. This tape is the evidence.

Things on the surface are plain to see. Seeing what's behind it all is an act of apperceiving motive. Which essentially doesn't change, not in a decade, not in three-and-a-half decades.

Cheney is no diabolical mastermind, (lacking the first prerequisite: mind), he's a puppet as much as his fur-brained front-boy, Cheetah, there. A diabolical puppet, sure, but still a puppet.

You can tell by the fact Cheney always stays on script. Today, or a decade ago, he recites what he says, he doesn't write it. Find the motive in that, and there we find Mr. Big. The one who is writing it.

It just so happens I've got'cher motive, right here. Get Iran. And an old script for it, now being dusted off and re-staged, as seen in news items -- one yesterday datelined Srinagar, Kashmir, (formerly West Pakistan), and one today datelined Bangledesh, (formerly East Pakistan). Google away.

Here's the script. With these annotations added in the re-enactment:

- What makes Pakistan the key player is that it is the mixing place of Muslim and Hindu, and the way of playing it is by pressing the Hindu button.

- Insurge some Pakistanis into Iran, surreptitious and damaging; Iran must then retaliate, but, (media not seeing Pakistanis started it undercover), it looks like Iran is striking first; the cavalry rides to the aid of set-upon ally bosom-buddy Pakistan. That would be US. Against Iran.

- All Machiavelli to keep India and China frozen-in-position -- the actual entities which have a true Strategic Interest in the 'region;' that is, it's their neighbors.

- Notice two creative trademarks in the old script, reappearing today and so proving the paternal lineage. One is the indifference for anything in words. Speech, media, blogs, etc. are powerless. US idiom is "... but names can never harm me." Chou En-Lai puts it, like "firing an empty cannon." History (and Mao) has it: Power procedes out the barrel of a gun. Until Abe Lincoln speaks: The ballot is mightier than the bullet.

Two is the craft of craziness. Perhaps also known as a Liar's Bluff. [... acting irrationally ... is useful to hint to the opposition that one is insane. If your adversary thinks you are crazy, then he is more likely to back down, the argument goes.] As scripted, the plot is to exploit non- and dis-information of those who might preemptively take action or position, but they don't ... instead thinking, "he might be crazy enough to __fill_in_the_blank___." That's Cheney's role. You're supposed to think, "he might be crazy enough to __your_fear_goes_here__."

Stephen Biko: The most powerful weapon in the hands of the oppressor is, the mind of the oppressed.

Know your mind. Forget Pakistan, no interest of ours. Recognize the script, know that we've seen this before and know how it comes out, (POTUS goes, V-POTUS enters), don't be baffled by the bu!!sh!!, cut the crap, impeach (HR 333) and arrest Cheney at the point of a policeman's gun.

(P.S. Saturn (history) opposes Uranus (shock) today, '06-'07, exactly like and for the first time since ... wait for it ... 1971-72.)

Many of us don't want to know what's right, because then we have to do it.

Oh, almost forgot: There was no internet in 1994.

This power of public information was not factored in the strategic 'positioning' in '94, nor in '71.

Internet presence now is why the old script doesn't play out this time. We thank you, Bojack. The thanks of a grateful surviving nation to bloggers everywhere.

... the difference a decade makes.


Who did that interview? When was it originally shown? Where did you find it?

Wow. I can think of one Marine, whose life taking Saddam Hussein out was not worth. Corporal Travis Bradach-Nall, killed by an explosion at Karbala, Iraq on July, 2, 2003, the day Bush jeered, "Bring Them On!".

I urge your readers to see the just released documentary, "No End In Sight".

John F. Bradach, Sr.

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