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Thursday, August 2, 2007

"Welches" con man update

Margie Boulé of the O adds some details about the slick, sick "flooring contractor" who will hit you up on the street for car fare. He was in North Portland last weekend. Don't be a victim!

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Too bad Margie didn't note that Portland DOES have a good alternative to giving cash or doing nothing: Sisters of the Road.

Sisters is a lunch cafe where homeless and down-and-outs can work in exchange for meal credits at a real, licensed restaurant, and it offers access to services and support to help these people get their lives together.

You can buy meal coupons for a meal at Sisters (they're cheap) and give them out when someone like David approaches you for a handout.

They need support and volunteer help always, and they also need publicity. Of course they don't buy paid ads in the O very often, so maybe that's why Margie doesn't deign to notice them. But a blog like this should definitely help get the word out. Sisters is literally a lifesaver for many.

Dang, you can even buy the meal coupons ($2) on line!


I bought some of those coupons. Whenever I gave one to someone asking for cash, they looked at me as if I had put excrement in their hand.

I bought some of those coupons. Whenever I gave one to someone asking for cash, they looked at me as if I had put excrement in their hand.

Thats because that coupon wont buy booze, cigs, or meth...

Saw your story in the "O". Thanks for the info and the picture of the scammer.


Sisters has some tips on their page for using the meal coupons; I would be inclined to trust their advice.

And, as the commenter above noted, if someone turns up their nose at a good meal at a restaurant that serves good food, they weren't going to do anything good with your money anyway.

This guy is on Mississippi as of 5:30pm tonight. I was on a bike at the time and he didn't have anyone cornered, but I can't imagine he was up to any good.

I thought the coupons were a good idea, but was surprised at the negative reactions from prospective recipients. Just plain no seemed to more acceptable to some. Even if it is taken and throw it away, Sisters of the Road gets the money.

Sisters was one of our charities on Buck-a-Hit Day last December. They're real, and good.

Potter is considering providing street drugs for all of Portland's needy. He's provided about everything else they need to subsist.

Nice follow up.

Ya know the food at Sisters of the road is really good for the price.

That and any panhandler asking for money for food is a lier. For anyone to starve in Porkland the would have to be bound, blindfolded, gagged and tossed into a dumpster yet after all that some one is likely to toss some food on you.

Speaking of long time street scam artists:
Has any seen the guy who asks for money for diapers for his mother? He apparently
worked in SE Portland for some time and was reported in the Tribune a few years

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