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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Weird political science

Governor Ted has killed the OMSI debt bailout package passed by the Legislature. Apparently that's a change in direction of 180 degrees on his part.

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I'm not a Ted fan (sooooo not a Ted fan), but here in vetoing the OMSI bail out bill Ted is correct and has actually done something right..

I think its kind of nice that Ted can learn from experience and change his mind about a bad decision he made previously.

Its a rarity among Oregon politicians.

Mary Nolan, the mother of this idiot bailout, is a stark contrast. She's still
spinning the story and claiming that it was a great idea to use dedicated energy cnservation tax funds and dedicated low income utility consumer aid funds to bailout OMSI.

Its one of the stupidest things Nolan has ever done. Makes you wonder how WW could have rated her so highl in the recent"Good, Bad, and Ugly" legislators article.

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