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Monday, August 27, 2007

Want impeachment? Tell Earl the Pearl yourself

A small group of folks has been hanging out in front of Congressman Earl Blue-Man-Hour's office on Thursday lunchtimes demanding impeachment of the Chimp and Cheney. If you agree with them, they ask that you join them this Thursday from noon to 2. The office at which they demonstrate is at 729 NE Oregon Street, over near the Convention Center.

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Well, for my part, I just keep sending him emails about the travesty that passes for governance in this country and ask him if it is his intent that Congress be emasculated from doing its duty.

Impeachment, starting with Cheney and working down through the higher levels of the administration are distinctly in order.

While they're at it, they might as well go back and correct the problem where it started and remove the remaining three of the Bush v. Gore Supremes majority. I'd say violation of the US Constitution is an impeachable offense for a Supreme Court justice.

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