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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Turnover time

Hardy Myers announced his impending retirement as Oregon attorney general today. That leaves the door open for this guy and this guy to go at each other, and then take on whoever the Republicans nominate. (This guy again? I don't follow that club much.)

And always thoughtful, in his announcement today Hardy sent a shout out to Multnomah County D.A. Mike Schrunk:

"My decision is second the result of the conviction that the department of justice deserves and benefits from regular change in its highest leadership with the result of the infusion of new energy and perspectives," he said.
Amen, bro.

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...the conviction that the department of justice deserves and benefits from regular change in its highest leadership...

After getting over the shock of discovering the Myers HAD any convictions; to my horror, I realized that I shared this one.

I've had it since he took office.

Convictions? Hell, he hasn't even had many indictments...


I would sure like that second linked guy to compare and contrast mob organizations with modern government and provide a signpost of what he believes offers the best method to distinguish between the two.

Let him introduce himself here . . .

So long! Talk about a do-nothing. And honestly, when ARE the Oregon Republicans going to stop running Kevin Mannix?

With Hardy gone, I hope a whole passel of candidates announce their candidacy soon. I cannot stand the prospect of Greg Macpherson occupying that office. In fact, it makes me nauseous to think about it. Kroger, and almost almost anyone else would be preferable to Hector's son.

If Hardy believed in turn-over in regards to the AG job, then why didn't he leave after one or two terms? That wasn't his reason for not running again.

I think he misses Neil.

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