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Friday, August 3, 2007

Threatened species

It took a decade or more longer than I thought it would, but The New York Times is succumbing to the inevitable:

Of course, if you think that's bad, imagine what Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal is going to look like.

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As long as they don't hire any of the writers from the PBOregonian, nor any of the headline writers, I will continue to subscribe.

But I will admit tremendous disappointment upon seeing that little message this morning. I felt similarly about the color photos, though.

I felt similarly about the color photos, though.

Color photos in the Times still feels wrong to me. Maybe I'm a closet Luddite, but can't we just leave the "official" Newspaper of Record alone?

I submit that the O should shrink its pages by whatever their present width is.

Yes but, do you realize how many newsprint recycling jobs that will save (eliminate)?

Is that green or what?

think of the treeeeeeees.

The WSJ will be fine. Invariably it's the ones who have veered to the left who are in trouble.

can't we just leave the "official" Newspaper of Record alone?

An ambiguous question. I find it increasingly easy to leave it alone, after its reporting scandals with Judith Miller and Jason Whatever, and its general journalistic failings. Fortunately real reporting is still accessible elsewhere on the web (but not without difficulty). As for the WSJ, it was long gone, well before the format went to tabloid size and price to $1.50.

If the NY Times died tomorrow I could care less. Over-rated and a dinosaur of newspaper it is good riddance to a news source that was way over rated. Being bigger proves that size is not quality.
Now the LA Timmes is a whole different story. I miss the Old L A Times... not the Trib type. Big O could / should go away too.

The Times may not be everything it once was, but it is still one of the best news organizations around. I'm not seeing much here that's in the same league. If you don't read it because you disagree with its slant on everything, it's your loss. Maybe you can survive on Fox News.

My point being, there are no great newspapers today. If mediocrity is OK with you, so be it. CNN is best we have and it could stand improvement. Fox News? You jest, sir. Andersen Cooper, Lou Dobbs and MNBS has Keith Olbermann.
These work for mm as Blogs like Truthdigs,Alternet and others.
As for print journalsm..I no longer fish.

BBC. Reuters. Süddeutsche Zeitung. Le Monde. One has to look outside the bubble for any kind of perspective. Luckily, it is easy to do this with the internet.

the "official" Newspaper of Record

Hehe, not even the ">editors think that...

I'm one of maybe 10 people in all of Portland who reads the WSJ. You'd be surprised at how many stories about Portland appear in it. And, most of them are positive.

not even the editors think that

Yeah, yeah...(or "yeah, yeah, yeah" to quote the Beatles.)

Growing up on Long Island, there was in our house our "local" paper Newsday which I was a sometime delivery boy for, to get Yankees tickets, and free fries from the new McDonald's on my route.

There was the Sunday Daily News which had good color comics on Sunday (I insisted)...and there was "The Times." (No New York Times...just "The Times")

No comics. No color photos. Just serious stuff. And people from The Times would come to our classroom to show the proper way to read it. Lead story on the far right, second most important story in the column far left. To read fold the page in half over on itself, turn page...

Reading The Times was serious. If something was in there, it was true.

The Pentagon Papers weren't sent to the Eugene Register Guard, or the Orlando Sentinel. They were sent to the Times. All the News That's Fit To Print.

Don't tell me it's all about selling ad space. Don't tell me it's just another newspaper. It's The Times.

When I lived in Times Square, the cops would direct traffic every night on 43rd to accomodate the delivery trucks. The best post office gig at the main one across the street from Madison Square Garden and Penn Station --my favorite gig, anyway-- was delivering the Sunday Times to all the trains heading out across the country. (Us postal clerks got a freebie one to take home.)

I know there's no Santa Claus. But don't try to tell me The Times is just another newspaper.

But don't try to tell me The Times is just another newspaper.

Like so many things that seemed so important in your misspent youth (and early "adulthood"), Frank, the myth is shattered.

The Times is just another newspaper...

But don't try to tell me The Times is just another newspaper.

C'mon...its just another corporate media propaganda outlet. You cant trust MSM news any more. Its all slanted one way or the other. They are telling us what they want us to think. Wake up.

The New York Times is the only paper worth reading in the morning in Portland. I was reading mine in the sauna at 24-hour fitness this morning, but something didn't feel right. The span was wrong. Then I read the front, and realized I was right. It's amazing what a difference 3 inches makes.

It's amazing what a difference 3 inches makes.

Rim shot!

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