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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This visit was timely

Over the years I've questioned the timing of the visits (always unannounced in advance) to our neighborhood of the City of Portland street sweeping machines. But given the nasty plum situation in front of our house, the appearance of one such contraption on our block this morning was a welcome sight. The fact that the driver paused to let us clear the curb before he brushed away the mess was an added bonus. A tip of the hat to him.

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You don't get fliers in the mail? Out in NW they come through once a quarter and we get a reminder with the schedule in the mail telling you not to park on certain streets when they are coming. They also put up signs along all the streets several days in advance

Amazing how many cars you see getting towed everytime.

We get flyers in the fall for leaf pickup, but that's it.

In the part of town I live in, the CoP DoT refuses to notify us of imminent passage of streetsweepers, even though we have a decent admixture of households without any off-street parking.

In light of this refusal to provide timely information (I'm told it's because if they notified us, the less than ethical would use that to rake all their trash into the street), I've taken to shovelling the accumulated crud of the year down the gutter toward the street drain. If I'm lucky, nobody will be parked on it when the streetsweeper actually makes an appearance.

"I've taken to shoveling the accumulated crud of the year down the gutter toward the street drain."

Nice sense of civic mindedness. If the streetsweeper doesn't get "the accumulated crud," then maybe the rain will just wash it into the river. Would it kill you to sweep it up and put it in your trash can?

Or sneak it into a neighbor's can, even?


Thank heaven we live in Gresham and get our street swept every 60 days!

Yo, godfry,

First of all, I have NO sympathy for anyone who uses the word "admixture" - that's just sooooo wrong.


The synthetic earnestness of Richard's comment leads me to offer to help you dump your "accumulated crud" in HIS trash can...

or yard...

or car...

your call

Thank heaven we live in Gresham...

THERE'S a Chamber of Commerce quote for ye.

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