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Monday, August 6, 2007

The ultimate faith-based initiative

The Pentagon.

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The fact this happened at all tells me everything I need to know about the administration and its military leadership. Could you imagine if Wes Clark had gone on Air America in 1998 (had it existed) to talk up the military's success? He and Clinton would have been roasted on spits. But Petraeus goes on with Lars' buddy Hewitt, and there's nary a peep.

To all political aspirants: Comport yourself with compassion, integrity, and humility; and, demonstrate respect toward others of the same magnitude you expect to receive from others, and your behavior speaks volumes. Words of devotion mean nothing. Live your principles and you needn't espouse them

Perfect backdrop for a Crusade.

Watch the video again.

Replace "Lord" with "Allah"
Replace "Jesus" with either "Allah," "Mohammad," or "The Prophet"
Replace "Christian Embassy" with "Hezbollah" or one of the others
Replace "Nazareth" with "Mecca"
Replace "Bible" with "Koran"
Replace "Fellowship" with Brotherhood"
Replace "Christian" with "Muslim"
Etc., etc. etc.

Draw you own conclusion.

Chris, thanks for linking the Petraeus interview. The most telling quote to me is this one: "DP: Well, I think just first of all, we have an enormous responsibility, because of course, we did liberate this country. And so right off the bat, a lot of us feel, certainly, that degree of responsibility. Beyond that, obviously, Iraq has the second or third most proven oil resources in the world. It is blessed with other mineral wealth as well that is very substantial, and has enormous potential in the global economy."
Ya gotta wonder, without all that mineral wealth would we have sought to "liberate" (code for occcupied) them?

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