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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

That kid's from Burns, Oregon

And he's starting to make a name for himself.

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Chad Pennington makes crystal stemware seem sturdy. Kellen could be the second Duck to back into a starting job this year.

I think Clemens would earn it - Joey lucked into it. Clemens for the right type of team (ie one with a good passing pocket) would be great.

Clemens doesn't touch the field unless Pennington gets hurt. But he is good.

Don't be too sure, Mangini is in a tough conf and will fight for a wild card. Pennington didnt really finish off the season all that well and I think Clemens is a good fit for the type of offense he runs (like Belicheck's)

Lots of people are from or through Burns, Norma Paulus, Frank Ivancie, the late Judge James Burns, and that tribe of Bradachs.

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