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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Teenage beauty pageants are obscene

As this video clearly shows.

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In her defense...she's very cute.

Let me guess, she didn't win.

Sadder still, the comments posted on YouTube. She gets to remember these all her life. Yeah, I laughed, too. But the commentary is very mean and uncivilized. Poor kid.

Ok.. but is good in bed?

OMG. I think my brain just threw up in my mouth just a little.

I didn't even look at the YouTube comments. And I won't.

Hey, she took third place overall! I personally believe that some US Americans such as you all just can't see a winner when you see one. Maybe if you had access to some good quality maps you'd be able to build up our future instead of just tearing it down.

I love the fact that when I view this, the first YouTube video teaser that comes up when the video ends is, "laser gun burning a cockroach."

I'm not sure why I think that's funny...but somehow it seems appropriate...

Apparently, she's another product of our shoddy education system. I can't believe how stupid she sounded.

As a native South Carolinian, all I can say is, thank God for Mississippi!

The operative factor isn't beauty pageants. It's teenage. You take most high schoolers and stick them up there and ask them a question like that cold, and you'll get something similar.

Sad. But I feel for the kid--an answer that rambling and incoherent probably is more a function of nerves than of lack of intelligence.

We witnessed our worst nightmare acted out for all the world - which might be our stage if we screw up in public as well. Compassion and a public speaking class? You go girl!

What I Learned From the Video

* a lot of people don't have maps.

* we need to help South Africa.

* the Apocalypse is near.

Kind of reminds me of a friend's daughter I met a few years back. She had just graduated with a business degree and was selling for a pharmaceutical firm. A person in the group commented that he had been in the peace corp in Ghana.

"Where's that?", she asked.

"In Africa," he responded.

"Oh wow," she said. "I thought, like, Africa was like, one big country."

Sadder still, the comments posted on YouTube. She gets to remember these all her life. Yeah, I laughed, too. But the commentary is very mean and uncivilized. Poor kid.

Sometimes there is a price to pay for that 15 minutes of fame...
Besides, the way this country works, after this she will probably end up hosting a reality show on Fox.

You nailed it Jon. Already her comeback and explanation have elevated her. I assume through the workings of an agent, but whatever - I'm glad she is confronting the issue and trying to redeem herself. There are lots of public figures who have spoken more coherently and intentionally lied. They deserve the negativity. Not her. Really pathetic to hear Randi Rhodes using thid gal's soundbites on the radio this evening. In the manner of her having been elected to a Republican office. Cheap shots if you ask me and I am certainly left of center.

She appeared on -Today- and redeemed herself. Her principal remembers a smart student in honors courses. I stand by my hypothesis that it was nerves, not stupidity.


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