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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tech notes

We've been pretty busy with the technical side of blogging this week. First, we're pleased to announce that we have finally restored all the comments that were lost temporarily in the catastrophic crash of this blog nearly a year ago. Other than perhaps a day's worth of comments, which alas have disappeared for good, they have all been put back where they belong. There were many hundreds of comments, mostly applicable to posts from July and August of 2006. It was interesting scanning through them as we restored them, one post at a time. Our readers are the best.

Second, and more importantly, we're moving to a new server tomorrow evening. The move will give us greater control over the software and hardware that brings this blog to the world. With more than 5,000 entries and around 45,000 comments to keep tabs on, the mechanics of it all have gotten, shall we say, interesting. The good news is that the move puts us squarely in the hands of Jake Ortman, the famous Bend blogger and tech guru without whose generous help this blog never would have recovered from last summer's debacle.

For our readers, the move should not be too disruptive. It will mean that comments will be turned off temporarily tomorrow night, and we'll be taking several hours off from posting. There might even be a short time when the blog is unavailable. But we're confident that the time and hassle saved in the future by having the server in Jake's capable hands will more than make up for lost time with incremental blogging goodness. Wish us luck.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled rants...

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We all thank you Jake!

You're welcome dman, and I'm looking forward to this as well (and thanks for the props, Jack).

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