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Monday, August 13, 2007

Standing pat for now

It was a close call, but a plurality of readers suggests that we leave up the warning box about the "Welches stolen truck" con man in the left sidebar of this blog. Since the fellow was still working his act last week, I'm going along with that suggestion. If we can go a couple of weeks without hearing reports that he's still at it, we'll reconsider.

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I work at a local business in Gladstone/Milwaukie. The "con man" approached me last nite on McLoughlin Blvd at my place of employment. He tried, and had a good story I must say, but alas he chose the wrong person, for one I have seen him on the news and for two, I work at a pawn shop, lol, trying to get money outta me from the kindness of my heart, ha. Unfortunately I did not detain him or anything, just chased him off, but the whole point to my story is he apparently is running around the McLoughlin area as of late.

Just ran into this guy at the corner of NE 42nd and Failing St. He tried to tell us his 'truck' story that it was just stolen "20 blocks from here" and that he lives in "Welches", but he was interrupted as a neighbor of ours who just heard the story yelled out, "he's the con man from the oregonian"... So we looked at him and I asked what kind of truck was stolen... He said "nevermind" angrily continued walking East, probably to cross NE 42nd avenue.

This is the same guy as in the posted photo. Guess he had just tried to con the neighbor for 20 bucks for gas. Why would anybody give this guy money anyways? Especially 20 dollars. A normal person would call their insurance or somebody they know before 'begging' for quick cash from strangers. Who falls for this stuff?

Somebody help this guy.

This man approached me today on 10th and NE Couch around 8:30. I was running late for work and did not have a cell phone at the time. He was very aggressive with me, so I moved my car and parked elsewhere. I hope you find him soon!

He approached my friends and myself early early early Wednesday morning, August 22nd sometime around 2AM.... in the Pearl District next to Powell's....

He gave us the same story and about his truck being stolen and needing more $$$$ for the cab fare home.... he struck me as very rude actually and dismissive .... he cut me off mid sentence and for someone so desperate and down on their luck, pleading for money and playing upon our charitable natures for the sake of humanity did not merit his dismissive attitude .... so, we said no thanks and walked away....

He smelled like an alcoholic to me too... he was rude, it was after 2AM, and he smelled like a bad bar experience...

Glad to know he was not just some f*ed up guy ....

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