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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Skywriting in progress over Portland


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Just saw this from Hillsdale Park in SW, upside down. Perfect weather for it.

What did it end up spelling?

I saw them doing this directly over my house in Irvington, about 7:45 PM.


By the time the pilot was finished, it was way over Rose City or Cully somewhere.

More on the story here.

At one point, the Mrs. speculated that they were going to spell out "COOL MOFO."

Not Moonbat City?

As we speak Randy Leonard is drafting an ordinance to make skywriting pilots leave their driver's license at the airport before they get in the plane.

There was another one over Beaverton today spelling out "AIRSHOW".

I saw something today, but don't know what it was supposed to say. Looked like they were practicing letters. lol

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