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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sam the Tram outdoes himself

Portland, the City That Can't Afford to Fix a Pothole, is about to spend $300,000 and up of public transportation money so that you can pay the parking meter with your cell phone.

In any real city, this would have to be a hoax.

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Sam the scam is capable of anything brazen and crass. Now for sure he must raise taxes. This guy belongs in a loony bin.

This is the most needless thing. If you need to park your car but don't have cash or a credit card, my feeling is: it sucks to be you. Why should the city pay to give a bunch of yuppies yet another option for paying to park their Hummer outside PF Changs?

Why don't they just tape a couple of dollars to each of the Kiosks?

Whay don't they just tape Adams' mouth shut and tape him to the bottom of "Walt" or "Jean"?

SO you're telling me thre is that big corwd driving to Fenouil and then not going becuase they forgot cash/credit card? I am really not getting Sam's fascination with these gizmos at our expense.

Jack: I think Sammy Boy is a visionary. But why stop with parking meters...Why not have voluntary pothole repairs that are funded with cellphones?

Every time I swerve to miss the same crater on a neighborhood street, I've wished for some way to bring our community together to fix these very fixable problems.

If every pothole had a "dial 888-xxx-xxxx to contribute to street repair" I'd make a contribution every time I swerved to miss it.

If only the leaky sewer lines and never been slept in jail beds were quite so visible.

I wonder how many people here are reading the article. Parking revenues bring in 13.8 million dollars. They are investing 2.6% of that money to upgrade the system.

Crazy kids today... they love the cell phones.

Percentages are interesting, but my bills get paid in dollar amounts.

I was just in Vancouver BC last week and saw parking lots with cell phone pay systems all over the place. Certainly seemed better than the honor system, but also seems better to leave private companies to install them in parking lots than to have the public pay to install them across the city.

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