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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Reader poll: Will Merkley and Novick reach the finish line together?

Surprising no one, State House Speaker Jeff Merkley formally announced today that he's a candidate for the U.S. Senate seat currently occupied by Gordon Smith. Merkley joins Steve Novick in the race for the Democratic nomination. One wonders whether Novick would have entered into the field had he known Merkley was going to show up. Indeed, with no record in elective office, one might have expected Novick to run for one of the many state legislative posts currently being vacated all over the Portland metro area.

Which leads us to today's question:

Will Merkley and Novick make it all the way to the primary in the 2008 U.S. Senate race?
Yes, they both will be in the primary.
Merkley will be there, Novick won't.
Novick will be there, Merkley won't.
Neither one will make it to the primary.
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Comments (5)

Doesn't matter who, neither is capable of beating Smith. Like Wyden, Smith is basically useless but great at moving to the middle when their jobs are on the line. Shame on us for electing people like this. And no,Merkley is no different, maybe Novick is

So far Novick performs as well or better than Merkley in polling, and Smith shows to be distinctly vulnerable...it's an odd question.

Unless an epidemic of stupidity is state wide Merkley has no chance, rightfully so. After he has botched ethics reform so badly why would any thinking person vote for him? Just another politician lying his way through the political process. He can run, but his record can't hide. Another gun-grabber to go down in defeat, which reads: Smith wins again, Yes Virginia, there ain't no justice.

The fact that Defazio, Blumenauer and Kitzhaber all took a pass on challenging Smith speaks volumes.

Novick is by far the best underdog candidate you could find.

He will rip Smith to shreds in debates, as there isn't a better informed person in Oregon, and that's the truth.

He also offers the contrast of a man who has overcome the challenges that life has offered him, versus being given everything on a silver platter.

Smith, I might remind you, owns a $2 million golf club, and a collection of sports cars worth another $1 million plus. He inherited both his wealth and his political fortune.

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