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Friday, August 17, 2007

Pardon me, boy

Tri-Met's looking for a name for the new commuter rail line that's being built between Beaverton and Wilsonville. The agency's sponsoring a naming contest -- first prize is a one-year transit pass and a sneak preview ride on the train.

Given that Sheriff Giusto is the secretary of the Tri-Met board of directors, I'm thinking "Bernie" would be a nice gesture. Especially given the shape of the cars. But surely readers here can go me one better.

Comments (13)

Charle Hales' gravey train
Bloomin Idiot's folly

Come on, Jim, it's supposed to be short and catchy. How about "Burb Express" or "Trailer Hopper"?

The shape looks like a suppository so how about we name it the "Shove It"?

That's not very subtle. How about "the H Train"?


Washington County con job.

BTW, many millions in road dollars were diverted to pay for this line, with many more milions in local UR property taxes headed for various station & mixed use private development improvements.

howzabout "No-Rider"....or MT Train (as in empty)

Union Wage Pacific


Negligible Mass Transit

SoCo (South County) Slug

Freedumb Train

Let's name two of the commuter trains Bonnie and Clyde, in recognition of their ability to separate money from its rightful owners.

STARS - Safer Than A Russian Sub

No, I think I've got it!

"The Tually" (rhymes with "trolley")!

Rhymes with "folly" too.

Crack Diesel.

If it is anything like the Portland's trains it will quickly become a invaluable tool for illegal drug distribution.

How about "DUMB IDEA"?

I used to own a home in Tualatin. I testified at the TriMet/ODOT "Public Comment" meeting. It was clearly obvious from the start, that the various decision makers had already made up their mind on this BOONDOGLE long before the "public" arrived. Even the Federal DOT was skeptical of the TriMet/ODOT ridership projections. As a former home owner, I can say that of the approximately 30 people I know living in the Tualatin/Wilsonville area there is not a single one that has any real or perceived need to take light rail into Beaverton. Does anyone want to bet that the actual ridership numbers will be way below estimates?

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