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Friday, August 24, 2007

More on the Easy Rider Fireman

Yesterday we noted the story in the Trib about a Portland firefighter who fled rather than talk to a police officer who stopped him for allegedly speed racing on a motorcycle out by the Doug Fir the other night. Today the O has some more details. Not only did he run from the cops, but when Hillsboro police went to his house out there a few hours later he wouldn't come out and talk to them. And now his lawyer says he committed no crime and is going to fight tooth and nail.

It's enough to make one want to ask Fire Chief Sprando not to send this particular firefighter if there's an emergency at one's house. Who wants an emergency responder around who doesn't know how to cooperate with police?

To make matters even more interesting, the fellow's apparently an arson investigator, which makes him sort of a police officer. Maybe we ought to address our concerns to the mayor.

Comments (2)

He doesn't put out fires. He shows up later to find the cause and origin (as they say).

These investigators are also licensed as police officers,so they can arrest you, but are not a part of the PPB.

However, it is possible he could lose his certification as a police officer based upon these suspicious actions. Then he would be back fighting fires.

Think he fled because he was DUI? He was drinking at a nearby establishment just before being pulled over.

When the local TV news showed photos from his "My Space" web site, there was one of him flashing what looked like a gang sign. It didn't give me the impression that he is a law abiding citizen, let alone a public employee who I would ever want to rely on to help me.


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