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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Life after Washington

With Karl Rove stepping down at the end of the month, the President and the First Lady are reportedly beginning to consider their options for after the inauguration of the next occupant of the White House, in January 2009. Their preliminary list of retirement locales includes one in the Pacific Northwest.

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Cheetah and Lucretia, you mean, coming back? They escaped from the experimental lobotomy lab seven years ago!

There goes the neighborhood.

I told you so.

Monkey Apparently Picks Lock, Escapes, By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, August 14, 2007.

TUPELO, Mississippi (AP) -- A monkey that freed himself two weeks ago from a Mississippi zoo has escaped again, zoo officials said. Tupelo Buffalo Park and Zoo Manager Kirk Nemecheck and other employees noticed the white-faced capuchin's cage open and ...

Whoa! You actually scared me for a second, Jack. Are you sure it's not April 1?

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