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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Larry Craig's arrest interview

What a creep.

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Let that be a lesson to you kids at home. Once a police officer reads you your Miranda rights, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Ask for an attorney and SHUT UP. Had he simply done that, this would have all gone away.

Or tell the truth, in which case given who he is, he may have been allowed to walk.

The saddest thing is how he changes his feeble story. At one point he's saying he was entrapped into making a solicitation, and then he switches to acting as if nothing happened that could even be construed as a solicitation.

The lying makes it a LOT worse. Time to start tapping the 401(k), Lar.

My favorite quote is from my new hero, the arresting officer, who said to GOP Senator Larry Craig, after his arrest on soliciting gay sex from a man in a crowded public airport bathroom:

"Embarrassing, embarrassing. No wonder why we're going down the tubes".

IMHO, Quote of the Century!!!

All I know for sure is from now on I am using the handicapped stall.

I keep thinking there's got to be a joke in here somewhere, but I just can't find it.

My favorite quote came at the beginning of his media availability: "I want to thank you all for coming out today..."

Senator Craig once tried to get a Bill passed that banned gay sex.
It was stalled.

Jack, please help us- I called KGW.com after they ran their pitiful coverage of the Sen. Craig solicitation tape to ask them a few badly worded questions, such as, why did they not mention what political party he was affiliated with, no mention of the plea agreement, no mention of the hipocracy involved excuse my spelling, I'm a simple person wanting honesty in government.

On KGW's website, the lead "story" is about some e.coli scare (hopefully) concerning meat 3 weeks out of date at this time. I wanted to know from them why they were running that story up front while so many (to me) bigger issues seemed to warrant reporting.
I was told by the person who answered the phone that the "newsroom had two Craig stories and they had qued up the wrong one". At that point I asked why the newsroom would have 2 stories and I was told simply that they had qued the wrong one up. The "person went on to tell me that they do 6 "newscasts a day" and if I wanted to "stay tuned" until 6:30 I "might" hear the rest of the story.
I informed them that I would be returning to Democracy Now! for my news and I had no further belief that they would or could actually provide the news we need as politically active Americans.
Please Jack, instead of taking on the O and the Trib (who I work for) please help us and I will join in any activism you help us with. You have my addy, contact me. (L) Bob.

Daffy, please get your facts straight. He was not arrested for "soliciting gay sex" as you say. He was arrested under Minnesota Statutes Section 609.72, Subdivision (3)which is a Minnesota crime if you engage in conduct that "will tend to, alarm, anger or disturb others or provoke an assault or breach of the peace". The arresting officer didn't let it go to the next step of soliciting before he flashed his badge. In fact, he felt he couldn't prove this one so they allowed a plea to disorderly conduct. Craig may or may not have be soliciting, but we will never know because the arresting officer never let it go that far. Read the article in USA Today by David Mark. At least the Republican party is taking care of this, unlike the Dem's when it came to Barney Frank, Ted Kennedy or Jerry Studds.

Bridget, was it stalled in the stall?

Too right, telecom.

Craig's biggest mistake was not tapping a toe in one of Potter's Potties!

My favorite quote:

"I'm a fairly wide guy, and I tend to spread my legs."

The guy is a creep, and I suspect he did exactly what the arresting officer said he did, but I don't think there was any way the state could have gotten a conviction.

Speaking of creeps, where is the Barney Frank arrest tape? Oh, never mind.

this guy will be gone next week ,yet jeffers(the 100,000 dollar man) will still be in along with hillary and her china connections who cleans house better

He waited a few minutes to use the stall next to the stall occupied by the cop!

The other republicans are probably all in the closet, thinking that they'll fool their wives by going on the offense against gay people.

For Bob, wasting breath calling KGW-TV8, which is NBC. Listen up,
When you are truly serious that you are willing to 'sacrifice' to DO SOMETHING, then BOYCOTT Cable TV. Click that sucker OFF !! It takes so few of us, like 1,000 in the Portland 'market,' or 100,000 in this country, to bankrupt television and its LIARS.

Then we can replace and rebuild, Massmedia, Release 2.0

NBC's Myers advanced "value[s] voters" myth.

In an August 30 report on NBC's Today regarding the Republican reaction to Sen. Larry Craig's (R-ID) August 8 guilty plea on charges of misdemeanor disorderly conduct following his June 11 arrest during an investigation of "lewd conduct" in a restroom at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, NBC News senior investigative correspondent Lisa Myers reported that Family Research Council president Tony Perkins "says value voters have lost faith in the Republican Party and warns that Republicans had better be sure their members are living up to pro-family rhetoric." Through her paraphrase of Perkins, Myers joined other media figures in advancing the myth that social conservatives are more concerned with "values" than other voters. Like The New York Times' Sheryl Gay Stolberg and MSNBC host Chris Matthews, she also cited Perkins as a representative of "value[s] voters," without noting his reported ties to both the white nationalist Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) and former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke.

Make sure you GOT that: MYTH means LIARS, that conservatives have "values," hold "values," represent "values" -- rightwing fanatic fundamentalists have no more claim than anyone else to wholesome values of morality, rectitude, piety, propriety, or goodness.

Actually, there are a lot of evidences rightwing-iness is politics for kindergartners, people whose brains are immature and undeveloped with "values." Wanna see evidence? Watch Craig on tape again.

Craig is quite the Creep. But this Guy is creepier.

Americans do take things to the extreme. Such a storey was not only on National news but all over the world. Not because of its importance but because you made such an incident important. Do not kill a fly with an elephant gun.

Senator Vitter is a creep too. Where is the outcry for his resignation?

this Guy is creepier

Yes, that feels so much better now, thanks, Todd. Bless Teddy for making sin acceptable for everyone else.


You forgot PBS (Moyers in particular), NPR, BBC, AP, etc. All news media is guilty of spinning news to meet an agenda. Cutting off TV isnt going to make it go away.

BOYCOTT Cable TV into bankruptcy, and inarguably today's fascist-propagandizing version of it will. go. away.

Following covered wagons and blacksmiths.

I get such perverse pleasure each month any person keeps their cable payment money in their hand in their pocket, knowing to BOYCOTT Cable TV, that they are stabbing a deathly dagger right in the heart of O'Reilly. Again and again, month after month.

Sorry, Richard, for the mistake on what the exact charge was. It is important to the story.

Two more points, if I may. If Sen. Craig was not trying to solicit sex, why did he yell "NO!" when he saw the officer's badge?

And, if Craig did not have a 25-year-long history of trolling for cute boys, all the way back to July 4th weekend, 1982, he could have easily beaten this in court and still be a BMOC -- Big Man on Capitol Hill.

No witnesses, no touching, no conviction. None.

The smoke killed him, not the latest fire.

Interesting all the local fuss about this. Where were you all when you learned that the Democrats were protecting Governor Neil G. for 24 years and where is ANY local coverage of the allegations against Congressman Wu?

Craig needs to go, and the Republicans are making him go tomorrow. Do not throw rocks in glass houses.

****Where were you all when you learned that the Democrats were protecting Governor Neil G. for 24 years***

And the Repubs have covered up Craig actions for 25 years. Yea! We win by a year.

****and where is ANY local coverage of the allegations against Congressman Wu?****

Wu solicited an undercover cop in a Minneapolis bathroom? Or are you talking about the "rape" attempt that has been in the news about a zillion times in the last 5 years.

Greg C

Ps. This whole thing is so stupid. "Your guys a dirt bag." "Yours is too." "Is not." "Is so." "Well your dirtbag did it first." "Did not." "Did too."

So empty BOTH dirt bags. A pox on both their houses. Let's get a name to Write-In to vote for, and forget the two Parties; build two new ones.

You're toast, Blumenauer. Follow Baird into bah-bye history.

Second point, showing the puke nothing who are paying to keep cable TV afloat. What's really pathetic is O'Reilly and them get their slice of your cable payment, even if you don't turn it on, all month !

How about if the electric company billed you, for what you'd use IF you did turn on the lights, but you are away on vacation all month and didn't turn on any lights.

Anyway, the nobody is watching numbers of pathetic cable TV.

I actually agree with the Oregonian's lead editorial today-that Craig's is mostly a personal tragedy, that human failure is the only truly bi-partisan phenomenon in politics.

A few pages over there is a short story about prosecutor Barry SHeldahl's retirement and how a bunch of US attorneys and former US attorneys got together to toast and roast him and pat each other on the back. These people use cliche's like "he had my back" and that he should be in the dictionary under the definition of good judgment. Meanwhile this office has ignored major white collar crimes committed by people "too important to question" (quotation marks mine).

When will we get beyond focusing on the personal and protecting ourselves and our friends and start to care about what is factual? And what is meaningful beyond personal weaknesses and personal relationships?

At first I could have cared less about Larry Craig and his "preversions" but through the story I was introduced to Laud Humphreys a former minister who wrote his 1970 doctoral thesis about the weird subculture of men who seek out sex with strangers in public toilets. Primarily made up of married men who insist they are heterosexual and maintain a public personae as pillars of society while engaging in very private acts in public places. Text book examples of cognitive dissonance.

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